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MIDI Interfaces

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    Q. How can I best connect several MIDI synths/ keyboards to my computer?

    How do I set up my synth collection and computer? I already have everything going through the mixer so I can record audio, but want to have everything working through MIDI...

    Sound Advice Feb 2020
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    Q. Is USB too slow for MIDI interfacing?

    I've just bought Tascam Gigastudio, and in the manual it says 'Note: Nemesys recommends ISA or PCI-based MIDI interfaces, as they are faster than USB or Parallel Port interfaces'. If software manufacturers think USB is so unsuitable, then why do hardware manufacturers make them? Are there any multiple I/O PCI interfaces around any more?

    Sound Advice Oct 2004
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    MIDI Interfaces For The PC


    Now that the MIDI outputs of many soundcards are already occupied by playing back high-quality internal synth sounds and multi-channel samples, many musicians are finding that they need to invest in a more comprehensive MIDI interface to service the rest of their synths. Martin Walker provides a little background.

    Sound Advice Aug 1997
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