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Our longstanding series called INSIDE TRACK: Secrets Of The Mix Engineers kicked off with Dave Pensado in our January 2007 edition. It's been a stalwart element of Sound On Sound magazine ever since. Full of nuggets of pro insider advice and tool tips, Inside Track focuses each month on a hit record and lays bare its mixing and production techniques, along with recording explanations from the artists and engineers who were involved in its creation.

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    Inside Track: Taylor Swift 'willow'

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Jonathan Low

    From sketches to final mixes, engineer Jonathan Low spent 2020 overseeing Taylor Swift’s hit lockdown albums folklore and evermore.

    Techniques Mar 2021
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    Inside Track: Bruce Springsteen 'Letter To You'

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Bob Clearmountain

    Bruce Springsteen’s latest album was an international hit last year, but the console it was mixed on was made a quarter of a century ago. Mixing legend Bob Clearmountain was at the controls.

    Techniques Jan 2021
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    Inside Track: Machine Gun Kelly 'Concert For Aliens'

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Adam Hawkins

    When rapper Machine Gun Kelly enlisted the help of producer and Blink‑182 drummer Travis Barker on his latest album, a shift to pop‑punk seemed inevitable. Who better to mix it than punk/hip‑hop crossover engineer Adam Hawkins...

    Techniques Dec 2020
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    Inside Track: Pop Smoke 'The Woo'

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Jess Jackson

    The lead single from Pop Smoke’s posthumous debut album was stitched together from two demos in different keys. Mix engineer Jess Jackson turned it into a piece of pop magic.

    Techniques Nov 2020
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    Inside Track: Joel Corry 'Head & Heart'

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Kevin Grainger

    Kevin Grainger has developed a unique approach to dance mixing — and, as Joel Corry's 'Head & Heart' proves, a highly successful one. We break down this hit track.

    Techniques Oct 2020
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    Inside Track: Haim 'I've Been Down'

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Ariel Rechtshaid & Rostam Batmanglij

    Haim's latest album was made with a mix of old-school and modern techniques and equipment.

    Techniques Sep 2020
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    Inside Track: Lady Gaga 'Rain On Me'

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Benjamin Rice & Tom Norris

    Lady Gaga's latest album was two years in the making, and marked a return to her electronic roots.

    Techniques Aug 2020
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    Inside Track: Doja Cat ft. Nicki Minaj 'Say So'

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Clint Gibbs

    Doja Cat's 'Say So' was already a worldwide hit when a new version featuring Nicki Minaj rocketed to the top of the charts. One man mixed them both.

    Techniques Jul 2020
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    Inside Track: Lil Baby 'Sum 2 Prove'

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Tillie

    In just seven years at hip-hop label Quality Control, Thomas 'Tillie' Mann has helped shape the sound of Atlanta rap.

    Techniques Jun 2020
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    Inside Track: Dua Lipa 'Don't Start Now'

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Ian Kirkpatrick

    Dua Lipa's mega-hit 'Don't Start Now' grew out of a writing session in Wyoming to achieve world-wide chart domination. Producer Ian Kirkpatrick was there from the start.

    Techniques May 2020
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    Inside Track: Selena Gomez 'Rare'

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Sir Nolan & Tony Maserati

    Working with ace mixer Tony Maserati taught producer Sir Nolan that hit-making is as much about what you take away as what you add...

    Techniques Apr 2020
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    Inside Track: Ellie Goulding 'River'

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Jason Elliott, Joe Kearns & Max Cooke

    The minimal arrangement of Ellie Goulding's unlikely New Year number one was underpinned by a rather less minimal mix...

    Techniques Mar 2020
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    Inside Track: Luke Combs 'Beer Never Broke My Heart'

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Jim Cooley & Scott Moffatt

    Luke Combs' anthemic songs have crossed over from the country world to top mainstream charts. We talk to the production team behind his massive hit singles.

    Techniques Feb 2020
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    Inside Track: Tones And I 'Dance Monkey'

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Konstantin Kersting

    After unknown busker Tones and I teamed up with unknown producer Konstantin Kersting, she soon became very well known indeed!

    Techniques Jan 2020
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    Inside Track: DaBaby 'Intro'

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Kevin McCloskey

    Modern rap might be minimalist, but that doesn't mean it's easy to mix — especially when, as on DaBaby's Kirk album, the vocals were tracked in a hotel room.

    Techniques Dec 2019
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    Inside Track: Lil Tecca 'Ransom'

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Joseph Colmenero

    Joe Colmenero hit the big time with Lil Tecca — and one of the smallest mixes he's ever done!

    Techniques Nov 2019
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    Inside Track: NF 'The Search'

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Tommee Profitt

    NF's The Search has revitalised hip-hop with its cinematic textures and arrangements. Longstanding producer Tommee Profitt was at the controls...

    Techniques Oct 2019
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    Inside Track: Chris Brown 'Heat'

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Patrizio 'Teezio' Pigliapoco

    With 32 songs and more than two hours of music, mixing Chris Brown's album Indigo demanded stamina as well as talent!

    Techniques Sep 2019
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    Inside Track: Lil Nas X ft Billy Ray Cyrus 'Old Town Road'

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Andrew Bolooki

    Lil Nas X's novel mash-up of trap and country provided an unexpected showcase for the talents of a leading vocal producer and mixer.

    Techniques Aug 2019
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    Inside Track: Billie Eilish 'Bad Guy'

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Rob Kinelski

    Innovative production can be made or broken by the mix — and in Rob Kinelski, Billie Eilish's team found the perfect foil.

    Techniques Jul 2019
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    Inside Track: Dave 'Funky Friday' & 'Black'

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Manon Grandjean

    Manon Grandjean not only recorded and mixed the chart-topping debut by UK rapper Dave — she also mastered it!

    Techniques Jun 2019


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