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Mix Secrets

Our longstanding series called INSIDE TRACK: Secrets Of The Mix Engineers kicked off with Dave Pensado in our January 2007 edition. It's been a stalwart element of Sound On Sound magazine ever since. Full of nuggets of pro insider advice and tool tips, Inside Track focuses each month on a hit record and lays bare its mixing and production techniques, along with recording explanations from the artists and engineers who were involved in its creation.

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    Inside Track: Justin Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Chris Godbey

    Two massive hit albums in a year was a pretty good return on 20 days' work for Justin Timberlake, producer Timbaland — and engineer Chris Godbey.

    Techniques Jan 2014
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    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Mike Crossey

    Inside Track: The 1975 'Chocolate'

    The 1975's chart-topping album is just one of a string of hit debuts engineered, mixed and produced by Mike Crossey.

    Techniques Dec 2013
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    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Mikey Donaldson

    Inside Track: Tamar Braxton Love And War

    Love And War was not only a remarkable comeback for singer Tamar Braxton, but a breakthrough opportunity for engineer and mixer Mikey Donaldson.

    Techniques Nov 2013
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    Tony Maserati

    Inside Track: Secrets Of The Mix Engineers

    A simple song and an outrageous video turned Robin Thicke from a star to a superstar — with the aid of master mixer Tony Maserati.

    Techniques Oct 2013
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    Inside Track: Jamie Cullum's Momentum album

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Duncan Mills

    Jamie Cullum's sixth studio album, Momentum, sees the British pianist and singer further expanding his stylistic palette.

    Techniques Sep 2013
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    Andrew Scheps

    Inside Track: Black Sabbath 13

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Andrew Scheps

    Under the guidance of Rick Rubin, Black Sabbath returned to their roots. Mixed by Andrew Scheps, the resulting album topped charts worldwide.

    Techniques Aug 2013
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    Ken Andrews at his Red Swan Studio.

    Inside Track: Paramore

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Ken Andrews

    Ken Andrews won a blind shoot-out against some of the biggest names in the mixing world. His prize: the plum job of mixing Paramore’s acclaimed comeback album.

    Techniques Jul 2013
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    Inside Track: Bon Jovi's What About Now

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: John Shanks & Jeff Rothschild

    Nearly 30 years after they burst onto the scene, Bon Jovi continue to top charts worldwide.

    Techniques Jun 2013
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    The Les Misérables Sound Team: Part 2

    Inside Track: Secrets Of The Mix Engineers

    Not only did the Les Misérables crew have to capture live singing on a film set: they then had to figure out how to overdub orchestral arrangements to it!

    Techniques May 2013
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    Inside Track: The Lumineers

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Kevin Augunas

    Would you hire a mixer who doesn’t believe in panning? The Lumineers did — and were rewarded with a hit album.

    Techniques Mar 2013
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    Inside Track: Recording Aerosmith

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Producer Jack Douglas

    Their latest album saw Aerosmith return to their roots, with Jack Douglas in the producer’s chair. But it wasn’t all retro...

    Techniques Feb 2013
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    Inside Track: Mixing the Led Zeppelin Reunion

    Alan Moulder | Secrets Of The Mix Engineers

    The film of Led Zeppelin’s reunion concert was five years in the making — yet Alan Moulder had only three weeks to mix the entire soundtrack!

    Techniques Jan 2013
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    Peter Cobbin & Kirsty Whalley

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: 2012 London Olympics

    Underpinning the biggest spectacle of 2012 London Olympic Games was probably the largest multitrack recording ever made. Just how do you mix a thousand-track project?

    Techniques Dec 2012
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    Steve Greenwell discusses Joss Stone

    Inside Track | Secrets Of The Mix Engineers:

    Steve Greenwell knew he wanted a live feel for Joss Stone’s second album of soul covers, but finding the right mix was more of a challenge.

    Techniques Nov 2012
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    Jeff Bhasker on mixing ‘We Are Young’

    Inside Track | Secrets Of The Mix Engineers

    Jeff Bhasker doesn’t usually mix his own productions or work with indie-rock bands. With Fun, he did both — and created a worldwide hit.

    Techniques Oct 2012
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    Dave Ogilvie mixing ‘Call Me Maybe’

    Inside Track | Secrets Of The Mix Engineers

    All it took to make a star of Carly Rae Jepsen was one memorable song — and, in Dave Ogilvie, a mix engineer who understood how to make it stand out.

    Techniques Sep 2012
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    Trevor Muzzy: Recording Nicki Minaj's 'Starships'

    Inside Track | Secrets Of The Mix Engineers

    Top producer RedOne has had hits with dozens of artists, but relies on one man to “finish” tracks like Nicki Minaj’s ‘Starships’: engineer Trevor Muzzy.

    Techniques Aug 2012
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    Mixing Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used To Know' - François Tétaz

    Inside Track | Secrets Of The Mix Engineers

    'Somebody That I Used To Know' is a worldwide hit that breaks every rule in the book. Artist Gotye and mix engineer François Tétaz reveal how they made it.

    Techniques Jul 2012
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    Jan 'Stan' Kybert: Producing Paul Weller's Sonik Kicks

    Inside Track | Secrets Of The Mix Engineers

    Paul Weller's latest album was brimming over with musical creativity. The challenge for mixer Jan Kybert was to forge a coherent album from a mass of ideas.

    Techniques Jun 2012
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    Ross Hogarth: Van Halen 'Tattoo'

    Inside Track | Secrets Of The Mix Engineers

    Expectations were high for the first Van Halen album in 14 years — and with eight mics on the bass alone, engineer Ross Hogarth was taking no chances!

    Techniques May 2012
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    Robopop: Producing Lana Del Rey's 'Videogames'

    Inside Track | Secrets Of The Mix Engineers

    Lana Del Rey has topped charts worldwide with her signature retro sound — and it all started with a demo that became a viral hit.

    Techniques Apr 2012


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