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    TL Audio M4

    Valve Mixer

    This new mixer caters for those who found TL Audio's M3 too small, and the flagship VTC too big. But is the M4 just right?

    Reviews Dec 2005
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    SSL AWS900

    Mixer & Control Surface

    With their latest Superanalogue console, SSL bring the sonics and functionality of their flagship SL9000K to studios with smaller rooms and budgets. In the process, they've incorporated comprehensive control-surface facilities for driving computer DAWs remotely. But can the AWS900 really live up to its pedigree?

    Reviews Nov 2005
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    Mackie X200

    Digital Production Console

    Not content with acting as a high-spec control surface and Firewire audio interface for your studio computer, this new high resolution console seems determined to outshine it with its slick touchscreen graphical interface and onboard VST plug-in hosting.

    Reviews Aug 2005
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    Behringer RX1602

    Line Mixer

    This mixer presents a compact and elegant solution to the problem of mixing multiple stereo line sources in the home studio.

    Reviews Jul 2005
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    Peavey PV8


    This cheery new unit brings clean eight-channel mixing to the cash-strapped home studio.

    Reviews Jun 2005
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    Yamaha Digital Mixer Upgrades

    v2 OS Upgrades & Effects

    Not content with offering some of the most fully-featured digital mixers in the world, Yamaha have now upgraded them, and are offering extra effects packs to further expand their capabilities.

    Reviews Jun 2005
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    Rolls RM203X

    Stereo Line Mixer

    Rolls cram a very useful nine stereo line channels and a mono mic channel into a 1U box that's targeting keyboard players.

    Reviews Apr 2005
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    Samson MDR1064


    This small mixer provides six phantom-powered mic preamps, two aux sends, and up to 16 inputs at mixdown.

    Reviews Mar 2005
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    Behringer BCA2000

    USB 2.0 Audio & MIDI Interface

    Completing Behringer's B-Control family, the BCA2000 combines audio and MIDI interfacing with routing/mixing features, and preamps — and all for under £200.

    Reviews Feb 2005
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    Allen & Heath MixWizard WZ3 16:2

    Analogue Mixer

    Allen & Heath's Mix Wizard range of multi-purpose analogue mixers has just been redesigned and re-released. But is the old magic still there?

    Reviews Nov 2004
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    Mackie Onyx 1620

    Mixer & Firewire Audio Interface

    Mackie combine a completely redesigned 16:2 mixer with a multi-channel Firewire audio interface. What more could you want?

    Reviews Oct 2004
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    Soundcraft Compact 10

    Desktop Mixer

    This slim mixer has been designed from the ground up to cater specifically for computer studio users. But have Soundcraft got the balance of facilities right?

    Reviews Jul 2004
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    Yamaha 01X

    Firewire Interface, Digital Mixer & Control Surface

    Yamaha's 01X is a digital mixer, hardware controller, audio and MIDI interface that promises an unprecedented level of integration with PC/Mac computer-based DAWs. But can this one silver box really do it all?

    Reviews Mar 2004
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    Behringer UB502


    Despite being small enough to fit in your pocket, this no-frills five-channel mixer provides all the most important features required for those building their first home studio around a computer.

    Reviews Feb 2004
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    Yamaha DM1000

    Digital Mixer

    Yamaha pack most of an 02R96 into a unit little bigger than the 01V96. Could this be the ideal console for the quality home studio?

    Reviews Jan 2004
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    Mackie Tapco 6306


    This affordable mini-mixer from Mackie brings their Tapco brand bang up to date.

    Reviews Dec 2003
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    Yamaha MG16/6FX

    Analogue 16:4:2 Mixer

    Another affordable mixer from Yamaha offers 16-channel, four-bus architecture, with a surprisingly good built-in effects section.

    Reviews Nov 2003
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    Yamaha 01V96

    Digital Mixer

    Yamaha's entry-level digital mixer gets an 02R96-style makeover, providing increased digital audio resolution, improved channel and effects processing, and surround functionality.

    Reviews Aug 2003
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    Yamaha MG16/4

    Mixing Console

    We test this entry-level mixer for simple recording and monitoring tasks.

    Reviews Jul 2003
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    Roland M1000

    Digital Line Mixer

    A unique problem-solver from Roland combines line mixing, sample rate conversion and a USB audio interface in a single rack space.

    Reviews Jun 2003
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    Soundcraft Spirit E Series

    The newest Spirit mixers offer a straightforward feature set and long-throw faders at a seriously...

    Reviews Apr 2003


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