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    Messe: Soundcraft Mini Stageboxes unveiled

    Compact stageboxes provide additional I/O for Soundcraft Si consoles

    Soundcraft parent company Harman Professional Solutions have announced the new Soundcraft Mini...

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    Soundcraft Notepad mixers launched at Messe

    Small-format recording and mixing solution unveiled

    Harman Professional Solutions have introduced three new Soundcraft Notepad mixers. The ...

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    Watch: Soundcraft Vi2000 product overview

    More compact Vi-series live sound mixer launched

    Check out the brief overview we got earlier today of the new Vi2000 digital live console from Soundcraft. FOr...

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    Soundcraft introduce Vi2000 digital live sound console

    New, more compact Vi mixer launched at ProLight & Sound

    The latest addition to Soundcraft’s flagship range of Vi digital mixing systems is the Vi2000. More compact...

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    Figure 1. A computer audio system with a two-in, two-out audio interface.

    Using A Hardware Mixer

    With Your Computer

    You can achieve a lot with just a computer and a soundcard, but when you want to accommodate external sound sources or record with high-quality microphones then you really need to add a hardware mixer to your setup. Here's how to hook it all together for maximum flexibility.

    Techniques Jun 2002
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    Gavin Sutherland (left) and Jim Hunter (right) in the control room at Arc Studios.

    Surround Sound Explained: Part 8

    Surround Production

    We hear from more surround producers working at very different ends of the music business to see how they've created working surround systems, and how they make use of 5.1 at the mixing stage.

    Techniques Mar 2002
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