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    Mackie ProFX12v3

    Compact Mixer & USB Interface

    Now boasting Mackie's highly regarded Onyx preamps, the newest mixers in the ProFX range offer much to tempt musicians on a budget.

    Reviews Nov 2019
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    Mackie Axis

    Digital Mixing System

    The DC16 control surface for Mackie’s DL32R digital mixer gives you the best of both iPad and hardware control.

    Reviews Dec 2017
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    Mackie ProDX8

    Digital Mixer

    Mackie’s new ProDX range makes phone- and tablet-controlled mixing more accessible than ever.

    Reviews Oct 2016
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    Mackie Mix 12FX

    Compact Mixer

    Mackie’s mixers have earned a reputation for offering excellent value for money. We check out their most affordable range to date.

    Reviews Jul 2015
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    Mackie DL32R

    Digital Mixer With iPad Control

    Mackie crown their DL series of app–controlled mixers with this full–featured stagebox–format model. Find out what’s new in our exclusive review!

    Reviews Dec 2014
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    Mackie 2404 VLZ4

    Analogue Mixer & USB Interface

    The latest generation of Mackie's VLZ mixer range incorporates their premium Onyx preamp design.

    Reviews Apr 2014
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    Mackie DL1608

    Digital Mixer With iPad Control

    Can you really mix a live show without any physical controls? If you have a DL1608 and an Apple iPad, it seems you can...

    Reviews Oct 2012
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    Mackie Pro FX16

    Compact Mixer

    With its built-in effects, compressors and graphic EQ, this compact console might just be ideal for small-scale live work.

    Reviews Jun 2012
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    Mackie Onyx 1640i

    Firewire Mixer

    With improved Firewire routing and Pro Tools compatibility, this new Onyx design offers much more than a few tweaks...

    Reviews May 2010
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    Mackie Onyx 820i

    Firewire Audio Mixer

    In many ways, the Onyx 820i is exactly what youd expect from a Firewire Mackie mixer, except for one thing: its Pro Tools compatible.

    Reviews Oct 2009
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    Mackie U420 & U420d

    Analogue Firewire Mixers

    These compact, lightweight mixers are designed with live DJ-style performance in mind, but with an audio interface on board, there's plenty of flexibility when it comes to recording too.

    Reviews Jan 2009
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    Mackie 802 & 402 VLZ3

    Analogue Mixers

    Can mixers this small really provide all the preamps and monitor control facilities you need?

    Reviews Oct 2008
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    Mackie 1642 VLZ3

    16-channel Analogue Mixer

    Mackie's VLZ Pro mixers gained a reputation for punching above their weight. Could this next generation do even better?

    Reviews May 2007
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    Mackie CFX16 MkII

    16-channel Live Sound Mixer

    This compact desk benefits from built-in effects, sturdy construction and low noise. Does it measure up to the Mackie name?

    Reviews Jun 2006
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    Mackie X200

    Digital Production Console

    Not content with acting as a high-spec control surface and Firewire audio interface for your studio computer, this new high resolution console seems determined to outshine it with its slick touchscreen graphical interface and onboard VST plug-in hosting.

    Reviews Aug 2005
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    Mackie Onyx 1620

    Mixer & Firewire Audio Interface

    Mackie combine a completely redesigned 16:2 mixer with a multi-channel Firewire audio interface. What more could you want?

    Reviews Oct 2004
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    Mackie Tapco 6306


    This affordable mini-mixer from Mackie brings their Tapco brand bang up to date.

    Reviews Dec 2003
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