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    Tascam Model 24

    Mixer, Multitrack Recorder 
& USB Audio Interface

    Offering both retro analogue simplicity and modern digital recording facilities, can this device be master of all trades?

    Reviews Feb 2019
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    Tascam M164UF

    Mixer &16-channel Audio Interface

    USB and Firewire mixerfaces abound these days, but not all allow you to record multiple channels simultaneously to separate tracks in your DAW. Enter the M164UF...

    Reviews Mar 2010
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    Tascam DM3200

    Digital Mixer

    Tascam's new 48-channel digital console is an imposing sight, full of features and attractively priced. We get to grips with it...

    Reviews Sep 2006
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    Tascam DM24

    Digital Mixing Console

    Tascam's affordable 32-channel, eight-buss digital mixer takes on Yamaha's O-series, providing 24-bit/96kHz operation, surround panning, and effects processing from TC Works and Antares.

    Reviews Mar 2002
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