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    Allen & Heath ZED R16

    Analogue Mixer, Audio Interface & DAW Controller

    If you want to use both a high-quality analogue mixer and a DAW control surface, you'll probably want to put them both in the same place. Well, now you can — and you get a multi-channel audio interface to boot.

    Reviews Nov 2008
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    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Michael Brauer

    Coldplay Viva La Vida

    Coldplay's recent album Viva La Vida was one of the most high-profile releases of the year, and an impressive showcase for Michael Brauer's unique approach to mixing.

    Techniques Nov 2008
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    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Kevin Davis

    Ne-Yo: 'Closer'

    Some mix engineers work entirely 'in the box', while others treat Pro Tools as little more than a tape recorder. Kevin 'KD' Davis employs the best of both worlds, as his work on Ne-Yo's recent hit 'Closer' shows.

    Techniques Oct 2008
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    Mackie 802 & 402 VLZ3

    Analogue Mixers

    Can mixers this small really provide all the preamps and monitor control facilities you need?

    Reviews Oct 2008
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    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Eric Rosse

    Sara Bareilles 'Love Song'

    With Sara Bareilles' massive worldwide hit 'Love Song', producer Eric Rosse had to strike a delicate balance between preserving the artist's integrity and achieving mass appeal.

    Techniques Sep 2008
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    SSL Matrix

    Mixer & Control Surface

    The almost universal trend towards using computers and hardware controllers has made business tough for the big console manufacturers — but the clever ones are fighting back with some innovative thinking, to create products that offer the best of all worlds.

    Reviews Sep 2008
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    Alesis MultiMix16 USB 2.0

    Analogue Mixer & Audio Interface

    Under the hood of this affordable new Alesis compact mixer lurks an 18-in/two-out audio interface. Is it too good to be true?

    Reviews Aug 2008
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    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Fabian Marasciullo

    Flo Rida and T-Pain: 'Low'

    Flo Rida and T-Pain scored a massive worldwide hit with 'Low' — but only after it received the attention of Miami's star mixer, Fabian Marasciullo.

    Techniques Aug 2008
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    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Demacio 'Demo' Castellon

    '4 Minutes' by Madonna, Timbaland, Marcella Araica

    Madonna's popularity shows no sign of flagging, thanks in part to her ability to seek out cutting-edge production talent. Producer and mixer Demo Castellon explains how he shaped her latest chart-topper.

    Techniques Jul 2008
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    Yamaha N12

    Digital Mixer & Audio Interface

    Designed to integrate with Cubase, and featuring new preamps and compressors, Yamaha's N-series digital mixers have been causing quite a stir. Could the N12 be the centrepiece of your project studio?

    Reviews Jul 2008
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    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Joe Zook


    OneRepublic's route to the top has been tortuous, and their massive hit 'Stop & Stare' was actually recorded more than three years ago. Engineer and mixer Joe Zook recalls the sessions.

    Techniques Jun 2008
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    TL Audio Fat Track

    Valve Preamp & Mixer

    Part preamp, part summing mixer, all tube: can the Fat Track provide all the 'analogue warmth' your studio needs?

    Reviews Jun 2008
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    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Robert Carranza

    Jack Johnson

    Jack Johnson is living proof that you don't need Auto-Tune, Beat Detective or a million overdubs to record a hit album. In fact, as engineer Robert Carranza explains, he didn't even need mains electricity...

    Techniques May 2008
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    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Renaud Letang

    Feist: '1234'

    Aided by its memorable video and starring role in an iPod ad, Feist's '1234' has been a refreshingly different worldwide hit. Renaud Letang was behind the (vintage) desk during the recording and mixing sessions.

    Techniques Apr 2008
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    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Rich Costey

    The Foo Fighters: 'The Pretender'

    Iconic rockers The Foo Fighters had a worldwide smash with their record-breaking track 'The Pretender'. Rich Costey was the man behind the mix faders.

    Techniques Mar 2008
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    Toft Audio ATB24

    Analogue Mixing Console

    Already boasting some famous users, this new console has caused a bit of a stir. Does it live up to the Toft heritage?

    Reviews Feb 2008
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