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    PreSonus's ARc16 Mixer, from the updated StudioLive range launched at NAMM 2020, is now shipping in the USA.

    New PreSonus gear starts shipping

    The Studiolive ARc range and the Quantum 2626 have begun shipping

    Two of PreSonus's recently announced product launches have begun shipping in the USA.

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    The Korg MS20 has had a full-sized reissue in three new colours alongside the original black finish.

    Korg announce final NAMM launches

    Mixers and a range of coloured full-size MS20s complete diverse range of new products

    Just as NAMM was getting ready to open, Korg completed their eclectic round of launches with a classic synth, two mixers and a keytar!

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    Creative M‑S Techniques

    Add Space, Colour & Interest To Your Tracks

    Splitting out your stereo signals into separate Mid and Sides tracks can open up a world of creative options in your mix.

    Techniques Nov 2019
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    AES NY 2019 — SSL go back to their roots with the Origin

    All-analogue automation-less desk debuts at AES New York

    SSL's new Origin looks back to the company's roots while keeping an eye on the requirements of 21st-century DAW users.

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    How Not To Mess Up Your Mix

    Pure & Simple

    However much studio trickery is considered 'normal' in a genre, the unwanted side-effects of processing can rob your mixes of impact. But it doesn't have to be that way

    Techniques Oct 2019
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    Reason 11, the first version of the much-loved software production environment to be launched since the parent company changed its name, will shortly be available in three versions.

    Propellerhead become Reason Studios...

    ...and launch three versions of Reason 11, including a DAW-compatible plug-in version!

    Propellerhead are dead... long live Reason Studios! And Reason 11 will be launched shortly...

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    How Engineers Get Vocals To 'Sit Right' In A Mix

    Vocal Levels At Mixdown

    Getting vocals to 'sit right' can require a lot more than setting the fader and applying EQ. We asked a number of engineers how they do it.

    Techniques Sep 2019
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    A whole suite of Fat Channel plug-ins is now available free to owners of PreSonus’s StudioLive Series III digital consoles and rack mixers.

    PreSonus fatten up console plug-in complement

    StudioLive Series III S consoles add free Fat Channel plug-ins

    A whole suite of Fat Channel plug-ins is now available free to owners of PreSonus’s StudioLive Series III S digital consoles and Series III rack mixers.

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    The new Cola plug-in suite featuring Acustica's new AI technology.

    Acustica adds AI

    Hardware emulations to begin featuring deep learning abilities

    Acustica's latest Cola plug-in is the first to feature the results of the company's exploration of AI technology.

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    Media Content - April 2019

    Hear For Yourself

    Listing of all SOS April 2019 articles with accompanying media files.

    Techniques Apr 2019
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    API celebrate 50 years with a bigger Box

    Expanded Box console and limited-edition modules announced

    API began their 50th birthday celebrations by launching an expanded Box console and some limited-edition modules in a commemorative gold finish.

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    Recording Piano: Part 2

    Piano Recording & Mixing Techniques At GSI Studios [Video Feature]

    In Part 2 of our Video Feature, Josh Giunta from GSI Studios moves on to the recording and mixing processes, exploring the fine art of microphone positioning, dealing with phase, and mixing techniques.

    Techniques Feb 2019
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    Radial KL8 - NAMM 2019

    Claiming "total keyboard control", Radial's 1U keyboard mixer for stage or studio offers high headroom...

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    DiGiCo 4REA4 - NAMM 2019

    Audio installation mix and routing platform designed to deliver the highest quality performance across...

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    Rodecaster Pro moves on up

    Latest firmware upgrade adds multitrack recording capabilities

    The Rodecaster Pro console's forthcoming v1.1.0 firmware upgrade enables multitrack recording on the device for the first time.

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    Looptrotter Modular Console - NAMM 2019

    Fully customisable and expandable, this four Aux modular console is compatible with almost every 500 Series module available...

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    Allen & Heath SQ7 cards - NAMM 2019

    Offering greater flexibility for their live sound console, Allen & Heath have unveiled their...

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    Trident 68 Console - NAMM 2019

    With new preamps and EQ, this eight-buss In-line analogue console comes with meter bridge and is...

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    Session Notes: Magician's Nephew | Media

    Audio & Video Files

    Audio & Video Files to accompany this month's Session Notes article.

    Techniques Jan 2019
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    PEEX puts live audiences in the driving seat

    Mix your own live sound!

    PEEX is a new live‑sound technology that lets the members of an audience personalise their audio mix.

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    CLASSIC TRACKS: Cypress Hill ‘Insane In The Brain’

    Released: 1993 • Producer: Cypress Hill • Engineer: Joe Nicolo

    Cypress Hill’s crossover classic launched the group into the mainstream — and without sampling a single horse...

    Techniques Dec 2018


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