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    In The Mix: David Crosby

    Before And After: ‘The Things We Do For Love’

    David Crosby’s latest album has gained much praise for its sonics. The man who tracked and mixed it offers SOS readers the inside story — with audio examples.

    Techniques Dec 2016
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    Schertler Arthur: Modular Mixer

    Modular Analogue Mixer

    We built and then test-drove the world’s first commercially available fully modular console. Here’s what we thought...

    Reviews Dec 2016
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    Mackie ProDX8

    Digital Mixer

    Mackie’s new ProDX range makes phone- and tablet-controlled mixing more accessible than ever.

    Reviews Oct 2016
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    Audient ASP8024-HE

    Analogue Mixing Console

    Audient’s flagship mixer is treated to a Heritage Edition makeover and several useful new features.

    Reviews Sep 2016
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    Allen & Heath ZED-6FX

    Compact Analogue Mixer

    This handy little mixer exhibits all the qualities you’d expect from Allen & Heath, in a highly affordable and portable format.

    Reviews Aug 2016
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    Alto Professional MixPack 10

    Powered Mixer & PA Speakers

    For some gigs, less is more — and that’s where this simple, affordable and portable all-in-one PA system comes in!

    Reviews Jul 2016
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    Keith McMillen Instruments K-Mix

    Digital Mixer, Audio Interface & DAW Controller

    The K-Mix squeezes a mixer, an audio interface and a MIDI controller into one very tactile box.

    Reviews Jul 2016
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    RCF M18

    Digital Mixer With Amp Modelling

    With its built-in Overloud guitar and bass processing, could this iPad-controlled mixer do away with the need for backline altogether?

    Reviews Jun 2016
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    Dangerous Music 2–Bus+

    Analogue Summing Mixer

    This new version of Dangerous Music’s popular summing amp incorporates both technical and practical improvements.

    Reviews Apr 2016
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    Soundcraft Signature 22 MTK

    Analogue Mixing Console With Multitrack Audio Interfacing

    Venerable British company Soundcraft have delved into their past to create this analogue mixer with a USB–flavoured twist...

    Reviews Apr 2016
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    Rush: Recording & Mixing R40 Live

    R Is For Rush

    The best engineers thrive on pressure. Which is handy when they’re recording the farewell tour of one of the world’s biggest rock bands, and timecode trouble is brewing...

    Techniques Jan 2016
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    Trident 88

    Modular Analogue Mixing Console

    Does this modern take on a celebrated console stay true to the original’s heritage?

    Reviews Jan 2016
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    Yamaha AG06 & AG03

    Analogue Mixers & USB Audio Interfaces

    Bus-powered audio interfaces with some additional mixing and monitoring capabilities.

    Reviews Jan 2016
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    Yamaha TF Series

    Digital Mixers

    If anyone knows about digital consoles, it’s Yamaha — and their latest range of mixers doesn’t disappoint.

    Reviews Jan 2016
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