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    Matt Wiggins: Recording & Mixing Engineer

    MPG Recording Engineer Of The Year

    Engineer Matt Wiggins has worked with everyone who's anyone — and knows that he needs to be prepared for anything!

    People Jun 2019
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    Dave Cobb

    Producer & Engineer

    Dave Cobb's approach to recording is simple — but as artists like Chris Stapleton, Rival Sons and Jason Isbell have found, it's very effective.

    People Feb 2019
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    Steven Wilson: Remixing Classic Albums

    Improving On Perfection

    Prog-rock wunderkind Steven Wilson is using his studio skills to give legendary rock albums a new lease of life.

    People Jan 2019
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    Catherine Marks

    Producer & Engineer

    Catherine Marks trained in one of the world's most demanding professions — then gave it all up to make tea in a studio...

    People Jan 2019
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    Marta Salogni

    Engineer & Producer

    Talent and hard work have taken Marta Salogni from dive bars in Italy to working with A-list mixing and production clients in the UK in less than a decade.

    People Aug 2018
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    Bryony October

    Touring Engineer

    There are many jobs involved in large-scale touring — and established front-of-house mixer Bryony October has pretty much done them all.

    People May 2018
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    Jack Antonoff

    Songwriter & Producer

    Go-to producer for Taylor Swift, Lorde and St. Vincent, Jack Antonoff has the rare ability to translate wild experimentation into record sales.

    People Jan 2018
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    Producing EDM

    The Zedd Interview

    German producer Zedd has become a star by bringing musicality to electronic dance music.

    People Nov 2017
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    Ariel Rechtshaid

    Producer & Songwriter

    Star producer Ariel Rechtshaid inhabits many different musical worlds at once. No wonder he’s busy...

    People Aug 2017
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    Robbie Chater & Tony Espie: Recording & Mixing Wildflower

    The Avalanches’ debut album Since I Left You took the art of sampling to new heights — but it has taken them 16 years to finish the follow-up!

    People Oct 2016
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    Inside Track: Bring Me The Horizon

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Dan Lancaster

    Where does a young mix engineer learn the techniques to deliver hit rock mixes? In Dan Lancaster’s case, right here!

    People Nov 2015
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    Inside Track: Muse's Drones

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Tommaso Colliva & Rich Costey

    Working on Muse’s hit album Drones gave Tommaso Colliva and Rich Costey unique insight into the extraordinary methods of hitmaking producer ‘Mutt’ Lange.

    People Oct 2015
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    Inside Track: Alabama Shakes’ Sound & Color

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Shawn Everett

    In the making of Alabama Shakes’ Sound & Color, producer Blake Mills and engineer Shawn Everett had almost unheard–of licence to experiment — and took full advantage.

    People Jul 2015
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    Inside Track: Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Derek Ali

    Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly is one of the most ambitious hip-hop albums of recent years. Derek Ali was Lamar’s right-hand man during its making.

    People Jun 2015
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    Inside Track: All About That Bass

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Kevin Kadish

    Channelling their shared love of ’50s kitsch, Kevin Kadish and Meghan Trainor created 2014’s most talked-about hit single — and turned Trainor into a superstar overnight.

    People Feb 2015
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    Inside Track: Tom Lord-Alge

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers

    For Rivers Cuomo and Weezer, going back to basics meant a reunion with one of the biggest names in rock mixing: Tom Lord-Alge.

    People Jan 2015
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    Inside Track: Sam Smith's In The Lonely Hour

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Steve Fitzmaurice

    When an unknown act such as Sam Smith hits the big time, there's often an experienced producer behind the scenes — like Steve Fitzmaurice...

    People Sep 2014
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    Inside Track: sci‑fi movie Divergent

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Junkie XL & Alan Meyerson

    With thumbprint data security and track counts in the thousands, the scoring process for sci‑fi movie Divergent was close to science fiction itself!

    People Jun 2014
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    Billy Bush - Mixing Jake Bugg

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers

    When I first looked at the Jake Bugg sessions, I was like, 'Wow, this is really stripped-back.'

    People Feb 2014
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    Inside Track: Justin Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Chris Godbey

    Two massive hit albums in a year was a pretty good return on 20 days' work for Justin Timberlake, producer Timbaland — and engineer Chris Godbey.

    People Jan 2014
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    Tony Maserati

    Inside Track: Secrets Of The Mix Engineers

    A simple song and an outrageous video turned Robin Thicke from a star to a superstar — with the aid of master mixer Tony Maserati.

    People Oct 2013


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