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    Inside Track: Sam Smith's In The Lonely Hour

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Steve Fitzmaurice

    When an unknown act such as Sam Smith hits the big time, there's often an experienced producer behind the scenes — like Steve Fitzmaurice...

    People Sep 2014
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    Inside Track: Paolo Nutini's Caustic Love

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Dani Castelar

    Engineer and producer Dani Castelar accompanied Paolo Nutini through three years and 11 studios to make his acclaimed new album Caustic Love.

    People Aug 2014
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    Inside Track: Linkin Park's The Hunting Party

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Andy Wallace

    As producer, engineer and mixer, Andy Wallace has done more than anyone to define the sound of modern rock and metal.

    People Jul 2014
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    Inside Track: sci‑fi movie Divergent

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Junkie XL & Alan Meyerson

    With thumbprint data security and track counts in the thousands, the scoring process for sci‑fi movie Divergent was close to science fiction itself!

    People Jun 2014
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    Inside Track: Pharrell Williams "Happy"

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Leslie Brathwaite

    The biggest hit of 2014 is a triumph of minimalism — and a triumph for mix engineer Leslie Brathwaite.

    People May 2014
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    Billy Bush - Mixing Jake Bugg

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers

    When I first looked at the Jake Bugg sessions, I was like, 'Wow, this is really stripped-back.'

    People Feb 2014
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    Inside Track: Justin Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Chris Godbey

    Two massive hit albums in a year was a pretty good return on 20 days' work for Justin Timberlake, producer Timbaland — and engineer Chris Godbey.

    People Jan 2014
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