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    Q. Should mixers have dedicated line amps or is padding the mic amp OK?

    I’m restoring an old Soundcraft 600 mixer and discovered it doesn't use dedicated line amps and pads the mic amp signal.

    Sound Advice Feb 2024
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    Q. Why can’t I get my RND summing mixer to saturate?

    I’m trying to drive my Rupert Neve Designs 5057 Orbit summing mixer for some transformer saturation warmth, but I run into digital distortion before the levels are anywhere near to clipping the Orbit. What am I getting wrong?

    Sound Advice Oct 2023
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    Q&A 0922 mixer inserts

    Q. Should I choose +4 or -10 dB for my console inserts?

    I recently rewired my studio and patched a compressor and an effects unit into my mixer’s master inserts. Both processors were set to work with +4dB signals but the levels from the processors seemed low, so I switched them to their ‑10dB positions and the levels seem healthier. Have I done the right thing?

    Sound Advice Sep 2022
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    Q. Why does my mixer channel clip except when solo'd?

    One input on my Peavey PV10BT mixer is running hot and clipping. Yet, when I hit the Solo button it sounds perfect on the headphones. What is going on?

    Sound Advice Oct 2020
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    Q. How should I connect a CD player's unbalanced phono outputs to my mixer's balanced line inputs?

    I have a very nice domestic CD player with line outs on unbalanced phono connectors, and I want to connect it to the balanced line input of a mixer...

    Sound Advice Dec 2019
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    Q. Why are my mixer's aux outs polarity inverted?

    I've been wondering whether my Soundcraft Signature MTK 12 was a defective unit, because it has the aux outputs polarity inverted with respect to the main output section. What is the purpose of such a design choice?

    Sound Advice Dec 2019
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    Q. How should drums be panned?

    How should I pan my drum recordings in the mix? For instance, should the hi-hat be on the left or on the right?

    Sound Advice May 2019
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    Q. What's the best 'console tape'?

    What is the best tape to use for sticking to mixers and writing down what each channel is being used for?

    Sound Advice Jan 2019
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    Soundcraft EFX12 mixer.

    Q. Why don’t my mixer inserts work when using the mic input?

    My Soundcraft EFX12 mixer is pretty new, but when I try and use a channel with a microphone, and an insert cable running to an effects loop with various Moog pedals, I get almost no level from the mic. Can you help?

    Sound Advice Apr 2018
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    Q. How can I match my mixer’s insert send levels to a high-end compressor?

    I have a slight level mismatch that I don’t know how best to resolve. I want to patch the Dangerous Music Compressor through the inserts on two of an Allen & Heath GL2400 mixer’s input channels. The problem is that the send signal from the mixer is a tad weak for hitting the compressor where it works best...

    Sound Advice Feb 2018
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    Q. Which of these A&H mixers is best for recording phone calls?

    Will the audio quality from an Allen & Heath XB-10 paired with a JK Audio Innkeeper telephone hybrid be better than the Allen & Heath ZED-10, also paired with an Innkeeper?

    Sound Advice Oct 2017
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    Typical Mixer Aux and Bus diagram.

    Q. Is an Aux and a Bus the same thing?

    Please help me to understand the terms ‘aux’ and ‘bus’ in the context of a mixer. Is there any difference between them? Do they perform the same function?

    Sound Advice Mar 2017
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    Q. Can you solve my foldback problems?

    I’m using a Yamaha EMX 5000-20 for live sound and I seem to be unable to get the foldback working for some sources, even though it works for others. Am I missing something obvious? 

    Sound Advice Dec 2015
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    Q. Should mixer insert connections be balanced or unbalanced?

    I’ve read that pro gear should use balanced connections, but I’ve been looking for a mixer recently and find that most have unbalanced insert points. My interface uses balanced I/O, as does most of my outboard gear. What gives?

    Sound Advice Dec 2015
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    Q. Should I use balanced or unbalanced connections with my live console?

    As I use several sound sources at club gigs and festivals, I usually prefer, to sub-mix myself.

    Sound Advice Dec 2013
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    Q. Can I use my aux send/return loop, or do I need insert points?

    I'm trying to hook a Behringer Denoiser and an SPL Vitalizer MK1 into an older-model Alesis Multimix 16USB mixing console,...

    Sound Advice Apr 2012
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    Q. What are auxes, sends and returns?

    Excuse the simplicity of the question, but I'm always coming across these terms in the magazine, and I don't know what they ...

    Sound Advice Sep 2011
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    Q. Which small mixers have high impedance inputs?

    I recently read Mike Senior's review of the Alesis Multimix 16, and he listed as one of the cons the lack of a high‑impedance instrument input. I agree with him, but have been searching for ages for a small mixer with this kind of input and can't find one anywhere. Is there one? The mixer isn't actually for me, but for a musician friend who still records to eight‑track cassette via an old PA and various pedals and outboard. He plays bass pedals and has an ancient drum machines, plus he sings and plays guitar and banjo. The outboard and the PA mixer are noisy, and as I transfer his tapes and mix them I spend far too much time on noise reduction and not enough on mixing and production. He is not technically savvy, and getting him to use several of the eight‑track inputs is not a option, so I am looking for a mixer he can plug his instruments into and get a clean relatively noise‑free signal from, to feed the eight‑track.

    Sound Advice Feb 2009
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    Q. Why does my USB mixer make a whining sound?

    I have a Core 2 Duo PC, Yamaha MW10 USB mixer, Alesis RA150 power amp and JBL speakers. I use high-quality cable from amp to speakers, a TRS-wired jack lead between the mixer output and amp, and a good-quality USB cable between my mixer and computer.

    Sound Advice Dec 2008
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    Q. Which mixer should I choose for drum recordings?

    I'm looking for something to record my latest project with. I currently own an Apple iMac running OS X Tiger, and the main program I use for recording is Apple's own Soundtrack. I'm thinking of upgrading at some point to Logic Pro 8, but for the moment I'm with Soundtrack. I have eight Audio Technica mics for the drum kit and I'm really looking to record through a mixer into Soundtrack (Logic in the future). However, I still want to be in control of individual mic levels after I've recorded within Soundtrack or Logic, even having those individual mics on different tracks.

    Sound Advice Dec 2008
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    Q. Can I add facilities to my Mixing Desk?

    Since experimenting with drum-kit miking (thanks for the useful articles in SOS), I have been aware of the limitations of...

    Sound Advice Oct 2008


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