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    Q. Why are my mixer's aux outs polarity inverted?

    I've been wondering whether my Soundcraft Signature MTK 12 was a defective unit, because it has the aux outputs polarity inverted with respect to the main output section. What is the purpose of such a design choice?

    Sound Advice Dec 2019
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    Soundcraft Notepad-8FX

    Analogue Mixer & USB interface

    Boasting two mic preamps, USB interfacing and Lexicon effects, this keenly priced mixer holds lots of promises. Does it deliver?

    Reviews Apr 2018
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    Soundcraft Ui24R

    Digital Mixer, Recorder & Interface

    This classy all-in-one stagebox-cum-mixer combines some of Harman’s most highly regarded technology — to great success!

    Reviews Aug 2017
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    Soundcraft Signature 22 MTK

    Analogue Mixing Console With Multitrack Audio Interfacing

    Venerable British company Soundcraft have delved into their past to create this analogue mixer with a USB–flavoured twist...

    Reviews Apr 2016
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    Soundcraft Si Performer 1

    Digital Sound & Lighting Console

    With the new Si Performer range, for the first time ever you can control lighting and sound from the same desk. But what's it like to use in practice?

    Reviews Sep 2014
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    Soundcraft Si Expression

    Digital Mixing Console

    The new Si Expression range aims to combine the flexibility of digital mixing with 'analogue' ease of use. Is it time you made the switch?

    Reviews Oct 2013
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    Soundcraft Si Compact 24

    Digital Mixing Desk

    Soundcraft’s compact desk is designed to offer digital power and versatility combined with an operator-friendly ‘analogue feel’.

    Reviews Mar 2012
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    Soundcraft Notepad 124FX

    Analogue Mixer

    Is there a place for small analogue mixers in the project studio these days? Actually, we think there is...

    Reviews Nov 2010
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    Q. Can I modify my mixing console?

    Is it possible to modify a console's channels so that the meters on the meterbridge show the signal level post-fader rather than just after the insert point?

    Sound Advice Jan 2005
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    Soundcraft Compact 10

    Desktop Mixer

    This slim mixer has been designed from the ground up to cater specifically for computer studio users. But have Soundcraft got the balance of facilities right?

    Reviews Jul 2004
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    Q. What do Solo, PFL and AFL do?

    Please can you explain the difference between 'soloing' a channel and using the other buttons marked 'PFL' and 'AFL' to listen...

    Sound Advice Sep 2003
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    Soundcraft Spirit E Series

    The newest Spirit mixers offer a straightforward feature set and long-throw faders at a seriously...

    Reviews . Apr 2003
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