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    QSC TouchMix-30 Pro v1.3

    Digital Mixer

    One year and a major firmware update later, we take a second look at QSC’s flagship digital console.

    Reviews Oct 2018
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    Marta Salogni

    Engineer & Producer

    Talent and hard work have taken Marta Salogni from dive bars in Italy to working with A-list mixing and production clients in the UK in less than a decade.

    People Aug 2018
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    ART Pro Audio Tube Mix

    Analogue Mixer & USB Audio Interface

    A mixer, a USB 2 interface, and valve coloration all for less than the price of many preamps — is it too good to be true?

    Reviews Jun 2018
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    Bryony October

    Touring Engineer

    There are many jobs involved in large-scale touring — and established front-of-house mixer Bryony October has pretty much done them all.

    People May 2018
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    PreSonus StudioLive 24 Series III

    Digital Mixing Console

    This major update to PreSonus’ popular multi-purpose mixers endows them with a host of new features — including, for the first time, motorised faders!

    Reviews May 2018
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    DiGiCo S21

    Digital Mixing Console

    In the S21, DiGiCo have made their world-class digital mixing technology more accessible than ever before. We spent some time with it, both at DiGiCo HQ and at a real live event.

    Reviews Apr 2018
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    Soundcraft EFX12 mixer.

    Q. Why don’t my mixer inserts work when using the mic input?

    My Soundcraft EFX12 mixer is pretty new, but when I try and use a channel with a microphone, and an insert cable running to an effects loop with various Moog pedals, I get almost no level from the mic. Can you help?

    Sound Advice Apr 2018
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    Soundcraft Notepad-8FX

    Analogue Mixer & USB interface

    Boasting two mic preamps, USB interfacing and Lexicon effects, this keenly priced mixer holds lots of promises. Does it deliver?

    Reviews Apr 2018
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    Zoom LiveTrak L-12

    Multitrack Recorder, Mixer & USB Audio Interface

    Zoom reimagine the stand-alone multitracker for the DAW generation.

    Reviews Apr 2018
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    ART Pro Audio MX622

    Rackmount Mixer

    ART’s MX622 is a 1U rackmount mixer equipped with three balanced XLR microphone/line-level inputs, plus three stereo line inputs on RCA phono sockets.

    Reviews Feb 2018
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    Q. How can I match my mixer’s insert send levels to a high-end compressor?

    I have a slight level mismatch that I don’t know how best to resolve. I want to patch the Dangerous Music Compressor through the inserts on two of an Allen & Heath GL2400 mixer’s input channels. The problem is that the send signal from the mixer is a tad weak for hitting the compressor where it works best...

    Sound Advice Feb 2018
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    Jack Antonoff

    Songwriter & Producer

    Go-to producer for Taylor Swift, Lorde and St. Vincent, Jack Antonoff has the rare ability to translate wild experimentation into record sales.

    People Jan 2018
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    Miktek MX4

    Four-Channel Mixer

    Miktek’s MX4 mini-mixer includes its own phantom power source, which is a big step up from typical budget mini-mixers...

    Reviews Jan 2018
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    Radial Key Largo

    Keyboard Mixer & USB Interface

    Radial’s innovative Key Largo is designed to sit at the heart of your live keyboard rig.

    Reviews Jan 2018
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