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    Alesis Studio 12R

    Rack Mixer

    Andy Keir casts a critical ear over the new Alesis rack mixer and discovers that he's in for a quiet time.

    Reviews Nov 1997
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    Allen & Heath Mixwizard 20:8:2


    After a spell away from project studio consoles, Allen & Heath return with a magical new contender. Martin Walker conjures up some thoughts on the WZ20:8:2.

    Reviews Sep 1997
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    Yamaha 03D

    Digital Mixing Console

    Yamaha brought the price of an automated digital mixer crashing to below £2000 with the release of the ProMix 01. They then followed up with the fully-featured 02R, but at over £7000, it wasn't cheap. Now there's the 03D, which seeks to combine the features of the 02R with the amazing value of the 01. Hugh Robjohns checks out the 03D's zeros and ones...

    Reviews Jun 1997
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    Tascam M1600

    Series Mixing Console

    Another 8-bus console hits the streets, as Tascam release an ideal partner for their digital 8-track recorders. Dominic Hawken takes a listen.

    Reviews Apr 1997
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    Anatomy Of A Mixer

    Functions & Circuitry Explained

    Hugh Robjohns shrinks to microscopic size in order to show you around the conglomeration of knobs, wires and circuits that make up a mixer.

    Sound Advice Apr 1997
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    Soundtracs Topaz 14:4

    4-buss Compact Mixer

    Steve Brodie checks out Soundtracs' latest addition to the increasingly-crowded compact mixer market.

    Reviews Mar 1997
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