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    Yamaha EMX512SC

    Powered PA Mixer

    Clever lightweight amplifier technology and exceptional effects, plus several other useful features, distinguish this practical and powerful live mixer.

    Reviews Dec 2005
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    TL Audio M4

    Valve Mixer

    This new mixer caters for those who found TL Audio's M3 too small, and the flagship VTC too big. But is the M4 just right?

    Reviews Dec 2005
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    SSL AWS900

    Mixer & Control Surface

    With their latest Superanalogue console, SSL bring the sonics and functionality of their flagship SL9000K to studios with smaller rooms and budgets. In the process, they've incorporated comprehensive control-surface facilities for driving computer DAWs remotely. But can the AWS900 really live up to its pedigree?

    Reviews Nov 2005
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    Mackie X200

    Digital Production Console

    Not content with acting as a high-spec control surface and Firewire audio interface for your studio computer, this new high resolution console seems determined to outshine it with its slick touchscreen graphical interface and onboard VST plug-in hosting.

    Reviews Aug 2005
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    Behringer RX1602

    Line Mixer

    This mixer presents a compact and elegant solution to the problem of mixing multiple stereo line sources in the home studio.

    Reviews Jul 2005
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    Peavey PV8


    This cheery new unit brings clean eight-channel mixing to the cash-strapped home studio.

    Reviews Jun 2005
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    Yamaha Digital Mixer Upgrades

    v2 OS Upgrades & Effects

    Not content with offering some of the most fully-featured digital mixers in the world, Yamaha have now upgraded them, and are offering extra effects packs to further expand their capabilities.

    Reviews Jun 2005
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    CLASSIC TRACKS: 'Who Are You?' - The Who

    Producers & Engineers: Jon Astley • Glyn Johns

    The Who's final album with Keith Moon took almost a year to record and pushed the band to the limit. Engineer and producer Jon Astley tells the remarkable story behind Who Are You?'s title track.

    Techniques May 2005
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    Greg Ladanyi

    Jackson Browne, Don Henley & The SoCal Sound

    Greg Ladanyi showed up at the right time in rock history to chair sessions for Jackson Browne, Don Henley, Warren Zevon, Toto, Fleetwood Mac and the Jacksons — but while 50 percent of life may be simply showing up, the other half requires a lot of hard work.

    People May 2005
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    Manny Marroquin

    Mixing For Kanye West & Alicia Keys

    You might not know his name, but you've definitely heard his work: Manny Marroquin is the mix engineer of choice for leading artists in both urban and rock music.

    People May 2005
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    Rolls RM203X

    Stereo Line Mixer

    Rolls cram a very useful nine stereo line channels and a mono mic channel into a 1U box that's targeting keyboard players.

    Reviews Apr 2005
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    Phil Ramone: Producer

    Managing People & Technology

    Over a 40-year career, Phil Ramone has built up perhaps the most impressive discography of any producer working today — and although he emphasises the importance of traditional engineering and people-management skills, his work is also at the limits of what cutting-edge technology makes possible.

    People Apr 2005
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    Samson MDR1064


    This small mixer provides six phantom-powered mic preamps, two aux sends, and up to 16 inputs at mixdown.

    Reviews Mar 2005
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    Behringer BCA2000

    USB 2.0 Audio & MIDI Interface

    Completing Behringer's B-Control family, the BCA2000 combines audio and MIDI interfacing with routing/mixing features, and preamps — and all for under £200.

    Reviews Feb 2005
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    CLASSIC TRACKS: The Stone Roses 'Fools Gold'

    Producer: John Leckie • Engineers: John Leckie, John Cornfield, Paul Schroeder

    As the '80s drew to a close, The Stone Roses made rock music cool again, melding '60s psychedelia and acid house under the production guidance of John Leckie.

    Techniques Feb 2005
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    Q. Can I modify my mixing console?

    Is it possible to modify a console's channels so that the meters on the meterbridge show the signal level post-fader rather than just after the insert point?

    Sound Advice Jan 2005
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