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    Audient Zen

    Analogue Mixing Console With Fader Automation

    Audient's latest analogue console has turned the DAW-controller concept on its head, taking advantage of mainstream DAW software to provide fader automation and recall.

    Reviews Dec 2009
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    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Young Guru

    Inside Track: Jay Z's The Blueprint 3

    Behind every rap megastar, theres a very talented engineer. Young Guru was at the desk throughout the recording and mixing of Jay-Zs latest smash-hit album, The Blueprint 3.

    People Dec 2009
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    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Dot Da Genius

    Kid Cudi: ‘Day ’n Nite’

    Recorded and mixed in a modest home studio, Day n Nite has made stars of singer/rapper Kid Cudi and producer Dot Da Genius.

    People Oct 2009
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    Mackie Onyx 820i

    Firewire Audio Mixer

    In many ways, the Onyx 820i is exactly what youd expect from a Firewire Mackie mixer, except for one thing: its Pro Tools compatible.

    Reviews Oct 2009
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    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: John Fields & Paul David Hager

    Jonas Brothers

    John Fields and Paul David Hager have a very modern working relationship — and with the Jonas Brothers, theyve delivered a string of old-fashioned hits.

    People Sep 2009
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    Zoom R16

    Digital Multitracker, Audio Interface & Controller

    Have computers made digital multitrackers obsolete? Zoom dont think so.

    Reviews Sep 2009
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    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Peter Mokran

    Track: Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)

    Take one Bollywood soundtrack, add a Pussycat Doll and a heap of new instruments, and you have a recipe for a big mix. Peter Mokran was the engineer who cooked up an international hit with Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny).

    People Aug 2009
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    The Remix Business: Part 3

    Getting Technical

    As well as having all-round audio engineering ability, a remixer needs to be proficient in remix-specific processes. We explore the essential software and skills.

    Techniques Aug 2009
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    SSL X-Desk

    Analogue Mixing Console

    Technology from SSLs high-end mixing consoles has been filtering down to the project studio for some time, in the form of the X-Logic and X-Rack products, but the desks themselves have remained the preserve of commercial studios. Until now...

    Reviews Aug 2009
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    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Dylan ‘3D’ Dresdow

    Black Eyed Peas

    For their fifth album, The END, Black Eyed Peas main man took the band — and their long-serving mixer Dylan Dresdow — in a new direction, with stunning success.

    People Jul 2009
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    The Remix Business: Part 2

    Getting Creative

    We continue our insiders guide to remixing with some practical tips on the creative decisions that will underpin your remix.

    Techniques Jul 2009
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    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Declan Gaffney

    U2 : 'No Line On The Horizon'

    The sessions for U2s No Line On The Horizon took the idea of spontanaeity in the studio to new levels. Engineer Declan Gaffney was the man charged with creating order from apparent chaos...

    People Jun 2009
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    The Remix Business: Part 1

    The World Of The Remixer

    Remixing is a modern phenomenon that has turned into a viable way for hi-tech musicians to make money from their skills. But how do you get heard, how do you land a job, and how much should you charge to do it? We get you started with the insiders guide.

    Techniques Jun 2009
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    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Greg Kurstin

    Lily Allen: 'The Fear' — It’s Not Me, It’s You

    Looking for a follow-up to her smash-hit debut album, Lily Allen ditched her many other collaborators to work mostly with LA-based producer and musician Greg Kurstin on Its Not Me, Its You.

    People May 2009
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    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Jochem van der Saag

    Seal: Soul 'A Change Is Gonna Come'

    When Seal decided to pay tribute to classic soul records on his album Soul, he turned to legendary producer David Foster — and his right-hand man, Jochem van der Saag, who was responsible for mixing and much more.

    People Apr 2009
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    Dangerous Music D-Box

    Summing & Monitoring System

    This neat new hybrid product appears to be defining its own market niche, but can it really be all things to all people?

    Reviews Mar 2009
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    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Robert Orton

    Lady Gaga 'Just Dance'

    Transatlantic number one Just Dance was not only a breakthrough for Lady Gaga, but also for her producer RedOne and mix engineer Robert Orton.

    People Mar 2009
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    Making The Most Of The Stereo Panorama

    Mix Processing Techniques

    Last month we explained how to get a sense of front-to-back depth in your mix. Now we examine the left-right axis, as we suggest ways to get the best from stereo mixing.

    Techniques Mar 2009
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    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Bob Clearmountain

    Rolling Stones 'Shine A Light' DVD

    Bob Clearmountain has been the worlds premier mix engineer for three decades — but Martin Scorsese still managed to challenge him with his ideas about how the Rolling Stones in concert should be presented.

    People Feb 2009
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    Q. Which small mixers have high impedance inputs?

    I recently read Mike Senior's review of the Alesis Multimix 16, and he listed as one of the cons the lack of a high‑impedance instrument input. I agree with him, but have been searching for ages for a small mixer with this kind of input and can't find one anywhere. Is there one? The mixer isn't actually for me, but for a musician friend who still records to eight‑track cassette via an old PA and various pedals and outboard. He plays bass pedals and has an ancient drum machines, plus he sings and plays guitar and banjo. The outboard and the PA mixer are noisy, and as I transfer his tapes and mix them I spend far too much time on noise reduction and not enough on mixing and production. He is not technically savvy, and getting him to use several of the eight‑track inputs is not a option, so I am looking for a mixer he can plug his instruments into and get a clean relatively noise‑free signal from, to feed the eight‑track.

    Sound Advice Feb 2009
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    Inside Track: AC/DC 'Black Ice'

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Mike Fraser

    How do you capture the essence of pure rock & roll? For Mike Fraser and AC/DC, the answer was simple: get the sound right at source, track to analogue tape, and don't mess about with the results!

    People Jan 2009


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