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    Tascam M-2600

    Recording Console

    Paul White checks out Tascam's latest contender for the 8-bus crown and believes that, despite fierce competition, it's in with a fighting chance.

    Reviews Aug 1994
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    Soundcraft Folio Rac Pac


    On the face of it, Soundcraft's new Rac Pac is just another compact mixer, but look beneath the surface and you'll find an unususally versatile desk which can double as a miniture recording console or PA mixer.

    Reviews Jul 1994
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    Soundtracs Topaz

    Multitrack Recording Console

    Soundtracs' new studio gem falls in with the current trend in mixer design — more features and better performance for less money — and adds that special Soundtracs polish. Paul White takes a shine to it.

    Reviews Jun 1994
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    Samson MPL2242

    22-Input Rackmounting Mixer

    This new mixer from Samson can't lay claim to much originality but does offer a good array of features for its sub-£1000 price tag. Derek Johnson checks it out.

    Reviews Jun 1994
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    Allen & Heath GL2

    Studio/Live Rackmount Mixer

    Paul White digs out his patch leads and powers up Allen & Heath's new general purpose, 4-bus console.

    Reviews May 1994
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    Soundcraft Spirit Studio LC

    Multitrack Mixer

    Soundcraft's new mixer attempts to combine budget pricing with a level of performance capable of doing justice to the new breed of digital multitrack machines. Paul White finds out how well it succeeds.

    Reviews Apr 1994
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    P&G 8000 Series Faders

    An investigation of the latest offering from Penny & Giles, the Rolls Royce of fader manufacturers.

    Reviews Jan 1994
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    Allen & Heath GS3V

    Automated Mixer

    This deceptively small console conceals a sophisticated VCA automation system that can be used independently or in conjunction with external MIDI devices.

    Reviews Jan 1994
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    Soundcraft Series 200B

    Analogue Mixer

    Even though it had no serious competitor quality-wise, Soundcraft's original Series 200 mixer was somewhat lacking in the 'useful features' department. The newly-improved 200B puts all that to rights as Dave Lockwood discovers.

    Reviews Nov 1985


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