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    Soundcraft Notepad 124FX

    Analogue Mixer

    Is there a place for small analogue mixers in the project studio these days? Actually, we think there is...

    Reviews Nov 2010
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    Personal Monitor System

    For low-volume rehearsals and jam sessions, most options to date have been quite limited, particularly for creating separate monitor mixes. The JamHub range aims to make the whole process that little bit easier and more immediate.

    Reviews Oct 2010
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    Allen & Heath ZED10 FX

    Mixer & Audio Interface

    Just how much does this compact mixer with a built-in audio interface and effects offer the home recordist?

    Reviews Sep 2010
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    Peavey PV6 & PV8 USB

    USB Mixers

    These little mixers could provide the ideal starting point for would-be computer musicians — and at this price, whats not to like?

    Reviews Jul 2010
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    Mackie Onyx 1640i

    Firewire Mixer

    With improved Firewire routing and Pro Tools compatibility, this new Onyx design offers much more than a few tweaks...

    Reviews May 2010
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    Tascam M164UF

    Mixer &16-channel Audio Interface

    USB and Firewire mixerfaces abound these days, but not all allow you to record multiple channels simultaneously to separate tracks in your DAW. Enter the M164UF...

    Reviews Mar 2010
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    Thermionic Culture Fat Bustard

    Summing Mixer

    Summing might not sound very rock & roll, but Thermionic Culture have added a little attitude of their own to this impressive and unique design.

    Reviews Jan 2010
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    Audient Zen

    Analogue Mixing Console With Fader Automation

    Audient's latest analogue console has turned the DAW-controller concept on its head, taking advantage of mainstream DAW software to provide fader automation and recall.

    Reviews Dec 2009
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    Mackie Onyx 820i

    Firewire Audio Mixer

    In many ways, the Onyx 820i is exactly what youd expect from a Firewire Mackie mixer, except for one thing: its Pro Tools compatible.

    Reviews Oct 2009
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    Zoom R16

    Digital Multitracker, Audio Interface & Controller

    Have computers made digital multitrackers obsolete? Zoom dont think so.

    Reviews Sep 2009
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    SSL X-Desk

    Analogue Mixing Console

    Technology from SSLs high-end mixing consoles has been filtering down to the project studio for some time, in the form of the X-Logic and X-Rack products, but the desks themselves have remained the preserve of commercial studios. Until now...

    Reviews Aug 2009
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    Dangerous Music D-Box

    Summing & Monitoring System

    This neat new hybrid product appears to be defining its own market niche, but can it really be all things to all people?

    Reviews Mar 2009
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    Mackie U420 & U420d

    Analogue Firewire Mixers

    These compact, lightweight mixers are designed with live DJ-style performance in mind, but with an audio interface on board, there's plenty of flexibility when it comes to recording too.

    Reviews Jan 2009
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    Allen & Heath ZED R16

    Analogue Mixer, Audio Interface & DAW Controller

    If you want to use both a high-quality analogue mixer and a DAW control surface, you'll probably want to put them both in the same place. Well, now you can — and you get a multi-channel audio interface to boot.

    Reviews Nov 2008
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    Mackie 802 & 402 VLZ3

    Analogue Mixers

    Can mixers this small really provide all the preamps and monitor control facilities you need?

    Reviews Oct 2008
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    SSL Matrix

    Mixer & Control Surface

    The almost universal trend towards using computers and hardware controllers has made business tough for the big console manufacturers — but the clever ones are fighting back with some innovative thinking, to create products that offer the best of all worlds.

    Reviews Sep 2008
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    Alesis MultiMix16 USB 2.0

    Analogue Mixer & Audio Interface

    Under the hood of this affordable new Alesis compact mixer lurks an 18-in/two-out audio interface. Is it too good to be true?

    Reviews Aug 2008
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    Yamaha N12

    Digital Mixer & Audio Interface

    Designed to integrate with Cubase, and featuring new preamps and compressors, Yamaha's N-series digital mixers have been causing quite a stir. Could the N12 be the centrepiece of your project studio?

    Reviews Jul 2008
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    TL Audio Fat Track

    Valve Preamp & Mixer

    Part preamp, part summing mixer, all tube: can the Fat Track provide all the 'analogue warmth' your studio needs?

    Reviews Jun 2008
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    Toft Audio ATB24

    Analogue Mixing Console

    Already boasting some famous users, this new console has caused a bit of a stir. Does it live up to the Toft heritage?

    Reviews Feb 2008
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    Yamaha MW & MG Series

    USB Mixers

    These modestly priced small mixers from Yamaha offer plenty of functionality and a good clean signal path.

    Reviews Nov 2007


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