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    Laura Escudé: Show Designer & Playback Engineer

    Kanye West • Jay‑Z • Herbie Hancock

    Live shows are becoming ever more reliant on technology — and the skilled engineers who operate it. Laura Escudé explains how she has helped Kanye West, Jay‑Z and Herbie Hancock realise their live performances.

    People Mar 2019
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    KSHMR: Producing EDM

    Niles Hollowell-Dhar

    Success as a songwriter didn’t fulfil Niles Hollowell-Dhar, so he reinvented himself as KSHMR to conquer the world of EDM.

    People Sep 2018
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    John Scofield & Avi Bortnick


    Well-known jazz musician John Scofield has spent the last five years updating his sound with the help of modern technology and new collaborators - including innovative guitarist Avi Bortnick.

    People Feb 2003
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