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    Inside Track: Tones And I 'Dance Monkey'

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Konstantin Kersting

    After unknown busker Tones and I teamed up with unknown producer Konstantin Kersting, she soon became very well known indeed!

    Techniques .
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    Korg Wavestation Tips & Techniques

    Programming • Sound Banks • SysEx & More!

    The Wavestation can prove extremely frustrating to use, but can produce sounds that are almost impossible to recreate on any other instrument. So here's some hands-on advice for getting the best from Korg's Wavestation series of synthesizers.

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    Paul Farrer

    Composing For Film & TV

    Paul Farrer's name has been a fixture in SOS for several years, but these days he's best-known as the theme tune composer for top BBC TV quiz show The Weakest Link. Paul White asks the questions...

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