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    Adding Feel To Your Rhythm Parts

    Tips & Techniques

    Try these tips and techniques for creating more convincing programmed rhythm parts in your sequencer.

    Techniques Feb 2002
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    Rik Ede's 5.1 surround-capable project studio.

    Surround Sound Explained: Part 6

    Setting Up A Surround Recording System

    Our series turns to the practicalities of setting up your own surround-capable recording system, and we talk to two radically different surround studios to see how they've coped — one at project- and one at pro-studio level.

    Techniques Jan 2002
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    Using EQ header artwork showing fingers on Focusrite EQ.

    Using EQ

    Understanding Instrument & Voice Frequency Ranges

    We explain how to get the best practical results from equalisation by understanding the true frequency ranges of most instruments and voices.

    Techniques Aug 2001
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    Increasing Loudness In Dance Music Production

    Practical Advice

    Paul White shows you how to get that massive dance sound. Additional material by Mike Senior.

    Techniques Jun 2001
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    The DS201 exemplifies the typical controls found on a good gate.

    Advanced Gating Techniques: Part 2

    Practical Tips & Tricks

    Gates are far more than just problem-solvers for reducing spill and noise. They can be used to add punch to drum sounds, put rhythmic interest into sustained parts or even as mixing automation.

    Techniques May 2001
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    Drawmer's ever-popular DS201 dual noise gate.

    Advanced Gating Techniques: Part 1

    Tips & Tricks

    Paul White reveals that there's much more to gating than you might think.

    Techniques Apr 2001
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    Advanced Compression Techniques: Part 2

    Tips & Tricks

    Paul White further explores the secrets of successful compression, and explains how to use advanced techniques for mastering your mixes.

    Techniques Jan 2001
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    Advanced Compression Techniques: Part 1

    Tips & Tricks

    Paul White looks at different gain-control elements and their effect on audio.

    Techniques Dec 2000
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    Expanding Your Effects Horizons: Part 2

    Effects Processing Tips & Tricks

    In the final part of his short series on pushing back the boundaries of effects processing, Paul White explores many different applications of audio filters, as well as exploring the possibilities of granular synthesis.

    Techniques Dec 2000
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    Improving Your Stereo Mixing

    Tips & Tricks

    Paul White explores how you can give your mixes more stereo depth and width — not only using the more commonly recognised methods, but also with a few lesser-known tricks of the trade...

    Techniques Oct 2000
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    Recreating The Ballet Mécanique In The Digital Age: Part 2


    Last month, Paul D. Lehrman described how he became involved in a project to create a performable edition of George Antheil's prophetic but never performed, Ballet Mechanique, in its original version with 16 synchronised player pianos and a human ensemble. With the process of sequencing the 1240-measure work complete, he was now faced with the task of preparing the first ever live performance of the piece...

    Techniques Sep 2000
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    COLIN EMMANUEL: Recording Jamelia 'Money', Ft Beenie Man

    British R&B

    Although 'Money' took new British R&B star Jamelia into the top 5 at the age of 17, her apparent overnight success was built on more than a year of hard work by producer Colin Emmanuel. Sam Inglis uncovers the story behind the single.

    Techniques Jun 2000
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    GLEN KOLOTKIN: Recording Santana

    Interview | Producer

    Veteran guitarist Carlos Santana's 1999 comeback album Supernatural has been a sales phenomenon in the US album charts. Richard Buskin spoke to engineer Glenn Kolotkin, whose association with Santana goes back to his classic albums of the '70s.

    Techniques Jun 2000
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    The single's three million sales have shot Christina Aguilera to worldwide fame.

    Recording Christina Aguilera's 'Genie In A Bottle'

    David Frank: Producer/Co-writer

    Christina Aguilera's debut single was a worldwide smash hit last year, thanks in no small measure to the distinctive work of producer and co‑writer David Frank. Mike Senior finds out how he did it.

    Techniques Apr 2000
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    Stereo Editing: Part 3

    Tips & Tricks

    In the final part of his series on digital editing, Paul White examines some methods of removing clicks from a recording, before looking at how to burn a production master CD.

    Techniques Mar 2000
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    Introduction To Mixer Automation: Part 2

    Tricks & Techniques

    Paul White concludes his short series on mixer automation with a step-by-step guide to setting up and running an automated mix.

    Techniques Feb 2000
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    Stereo Editing: Part 2

    Tips & Tricks

    After last month's overview of the equipment and processes involved in compiling an album master from mixes, Paul White gets down to the business of sorting out wanted audio from unwanted...

    Techniques Feb 2000
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    Getting The Most From Yamaha's Digital Mixers

    Insider Tips & Tricks From The Pros

    The flexibility of Yamaha's popular O-series digital mixers means that there are as many ways to use them as there are owners. Paul White passes on some tips from both Yamaha insiders and professional users.

    Techniques Nov 1999
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    Faking Ensemble Backing Vocals

    Tips & Tricks

    Paul White comes up with a few tips for using the processing power of your computer audio sequencer to turn one or two voices into a complete backing ensemble.

    Techniques May 1999
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    Cher on a couch.

    Recording Cher's 'Believe'

    Mark Taylor & Brian Rawling

    It was the best-selling single of last year, and signalled a radical change of musical direction for Cher — complete with bizarre vocal processing. Yet, surprisingly, it was produced in a small studio in West London. Sue Sillitoe relates the astonishing tale of 'Believe'.

    Techniques Feb 1999
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    Getting Instrument Balances Right

    Quick Tips

    Paul White looks at achieving a good balance in your mixes.

    Techniques Feb 1994


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