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Mixing / Production

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    Stormzy: Making 'This Is What I Mean'

    Team Production

    Britain’s most high‑profile rapper has made his most ambitious album yet — with a little help from his friends.

    People . Jan 2023
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    Charlie Puth

    Artist, Producer & Songwriter

    To find himself as an artist, Charlie Puth swapped high‑profile co‑writers for fan reaction on TikTok. It seems to have worked...

    People . Dec 2022
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    Gilla Band

    Daniel Fox: Recording 'Most Normal'

    Gilla Band’s new album is one of the least normal things you’ll hear this year...

    People . Dec 2022
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    Ricky Reed: Producing Lizzo

    Producer & Songwriter

    Ricky Reed has worked with a multitude of artists across a huge range of genres, most recently delivering a string of huge hits for Lizzo.

    People . Nov 2022
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    Jean-Michel Jarre: Producing Oxymore

    Immersive Worlds

    Immersive audio is helping Jean‑Michel Jarre implement a distinctly French musical vision, inspired by his own mentors.

    People Nov 2022
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    Talkback: Juan Sebastián Rodriguez

    Sound Engineer

    Resident in Mexico City, engineer Juan Sebastián Rodriguez thanks British producer Phil Vinall for his baptism into the recording industry.

    People . Oct 2022
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    Bob Clearmountain - Engineer | Podcast

    Mixing Atmos

    Grammy Award-winning engineer Bob Clearmountain details his unique approach to mixing music in Dolby Atmos using an analogue desk.

    People Sep 2022
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    Richard Norris - The Grid

    Richard Norris - The Grid | Podcast

    British Acid House

    Richard Norris talks about his early break into the music industry, success with The Grid in the 90s, his many collaborations, remixes and unexpected career turns.

    People Aug 2022
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    Talkback: Randall Dunn


    New York‑based producer Randall Dunn answers the SOS quickfire questions.

    People Aug 2022
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    Mixing Atmos: Morten Lindberg

    The Recording Art

    For Norwegian engineer, producer and record label boss Morten Lindberg, immersive audio begins at source.

    People Jul 2022
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    Aki Mäkivirta, R&D Director at Genelec

    Genelec - Developments In Immersive Audio | Podcast

    GLM Speaker Calibration • Aural ID Headphone Personalisation

    Aki Mäkivirta, R&D Director at Genelec, talks to Sam Inglis about the latest developments in immersive audio, GLM measurement software and Aural ID technology.

    People Jun 2022
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    Mixing Atmos: Caroline Hilton

    Universal Music Group

    Working in immersive audio can be intimidating even for experienced professionals. Caroline Hilton’s team at Universal Music provide the help that mix engineers need to make that transition.

    People Jun 2022
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    Talkback: Sea Change

    Norwegian Producer & Singer Ellen AW Sunde

    Sea Change is the moniker of Norwegian producer and singer Ellen AW Sunde, whose ethereal music borrows from club culture as much as it does from ambient and experimental soundscapes.

    People May 2022
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    Morgan Geist

    Producer / Remixer / DJ

    Enigmatic New York producer Morgan Geist began making techno in his ’90s college dorm before a remix turned his life upside down.

    People May 2022
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    Howard Gray Producer

    Howard Gray - Producer | Podcast

    Engineering Tales From The '80s

    Howard Gray gives us a fascinating look behind the scenes of recording and engineering some of the biggest tracks of the '80s.

    People Apr 2022
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    Mike Dean

    Super Producer

    With an extraordinary track record as producer, songwriter, musician, mixer and remixer, Mike Dean is a one‑man music industry.

    People Apr 2022
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    Frank Dukes

    Producer & Entrepreneur

    Having crafted some of the biggest hits in pop, Adam King Feeney, aka Frank Dukes, built an ambitious sample library to help others do the same.

    People Jan 2022
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    Talkback: Yang Tan

    Producer & Studio Engineer

    Having cut her teeth as a studio engineer with a litany of global names, classically trained producer Yang Tan takes our quick-fire challenge.

    People Jan 2022
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    John ‘Spud’ Murphy

    Producer & Engineer

    One of Ireland’s busiest producers, John Murphy applies his love of studio experimentation to noise‑rock and traditional folk alike.

    People Dec 2021
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    Fred Gibson aka Fred again...

    From Eno Apprentice To Brit Award-winning Producer

    Producer Fred Gibson (aka Fred again..) studied under Brian Eno and has worked with some of the biggest artists in the world. And his favourite microphone is the one built into his iPhone.

    People Nov 2021
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    Federico Vindver: Producer, Songwriter & Arranger

    Timbaland • Kanye West • Coldplay & More...

    His remarkable versatility has made Federico Vindver the go‑to collaborator for Timbaland, Kanye West, Coldplay and more.

    People Oct 2021


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