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Mixing / Production

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    Talkback: Isabel Gracefield

    Sound Engineer

    RAK Studios engineer Isabel Gracefield undergoes our questioning.

    People . May 2021
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    Producing Pop For The 21st Century

    The way pop music is made and consumed has changed radically in the last few years. Pete Rycroft, aka Lostboy, has adapted better than most...

    People . Apr 2021
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    David Gamson of Scritti Politti

    David Gamson - Scritti Politti | Podcast

    Defining Sound Of '80s Pop Music

    As one third of the second incarnation of Scritti Politti, David Gamson was the man behind the polished, groove-laden sound of the band’s second album Cupid & Psyche ’85 and their third album, Provision.

    People Apr 2021
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    Aaron Dessner: Producing folklore And evermore

    Taylor Swift's Lockdown Albums

    The pandemic gave Taylor Swift a chance to explore new musical paths, with two lockdown albums co‑written and produced by the National’s Aaron Dessner.

    People . Mar 2021
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    Talkback: Dani Bennett Spragg


    In our quickfire survey, we find out more about the recipient of the 2019 MPG Breakthrough Engineer of the Year award.

    People . Mar 2021
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    Olivier Alary & Johannes Malfatti

    Inspiring Creativity With VoIP | Podcast

    Olivier and Johannes go behind the scenes on the techniques that they used to create their latest collaborative album featuring the use of VoIP technology to process sound.

    People Feb 2021
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    Abbey Road Studios Spatial Audio

    Abbey Road Studios Spatial Audio Forum | Podcast

    SOS Technical Editor Hugh Robjohns chats to Mirek Stiles about the Spatial Audio Forum and how everyone can get involved in creating 3D audio environments using basic recording equipment.

    People Feb 2021
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    Anna Meredith

    Composing & Producing FIBS

    Few artists straddle the line between classical and electronic music with as much success as Anna Meredith. We talk to her about the creation of her recent Mercury‑nominated album.

    People . Jan 2021
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    Talkback: Steph Marziano

    The Brightest New Talent

    In our new monthly feature, we track down the new producers who are making waves and find out what makes them tick.

    People Dec 2020
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    Dean James Barratt

    Mix Engineer Dean James Barratt | Podcast

    My Journey To Here

    Dean James Barratt is a sought-after Mix Engineer based out of The Dairy Studios in London. Dean talks to Sam Inglis about his personal road to becoming a freelance Mix Engineer, what defines that role, tips on making it, and what keeps clients coming back for more.

    People Dec 2020
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    Producing Energy

    We speak to Disclosure’s tech guru Guy Lawrence about their journey from bedroom production to working with top‑flight stars in some of the biggest studios in the world.

    People Nov 2020
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    Ross Orton - Producer

    Ross Orton - Producer | Podcast

    Creating A Drum-centric Studio

    Ross Orton talks to Nigel Humberstone about his transition from playing drums with Jarvis Cocker into the world of production, remixing and songwriting. His steel city stories include working with Arctic Monkeys & Working Men’s Club.

    People Sep 2020
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    Craig Parker Adams: Mixing Frank Zappa

    Archive Record Keeper

    Frank Zappa was as fastidious about cataloguing his recordings as he was about making them. The task of mixing this enormous archive falls to one man...

    People Aug 2020
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    Saint Jhn & Imanbek: 'Roses'

    Conquering The Charts

    How did a teenager from Kazakhstan, armed only with an ageing laptop and a copy of Fruity Loops, conquer the charts?

    People Jun 2020
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    Butch Walker

    Producing Green Day

    When a band have been producing their own hits for a decade, it takes a brave producer to jump into the hot seat...

    People Mar 2020
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    Jax Jones

    DJ, Songwriter & Producer

    The success of Jax Jones demonstrates that there's still a role for old-fashioned musicianship in electronic music!

    People Mar 2020
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    Laura Sisk: Engineer

    Recording Lana Del Rey's 'Norman' Album

    Her ability to balance the human and the technical sides of recording has made Laura Sisk one of the US's most in-demand engineers.

    People Feb 2020
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    !llmind - From Raw Vocal To Killer Track In ONE HOUR

    SOS Video Feature

    New York-based producer/engineer, songwriter and music educator Illmind has wide-ranging credits extending all the way from 50...

    People Jan 2020
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    Oliver Heldens: DJ & Producer

    Future House

    Laptops, loops and layers are the tools that have taken Oliver Heldens to the forefront of the future house genre.

    People Jan 2020
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    The Mix Review: December 2019

    Commercial Productions Analysed

    We examine the production of some recent hits from Dermot Kennedy, Marshmello ft. chvrches, DJ Regard, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus & Lana Del Rey, Mist plus The Cars 1984 classic 'Drive'.

    People Dec 2019
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    Tomas Skogsberg: Modern Metal

    Creating The Sunlight Sound

    Deep in the Swedish forest, we track down a producer whose work has defined the sound of modern metal.

    People Dec 2019


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