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    What advantages are there to variable input impedance? • How can I extract loops from audio sample CDs? • Can I use the True Tape option in Cubase to prevent clipping? • Should I use S/PDIF or AES for long cable runs? • Can you have too much low-frequency absorption? • What's the best way to use the multiple filters on my soft synth?

    Sound Advice Jun 2003
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    Q & A April 2003

    Definitive Answers To Readers' Questions

    What exactly is a modular synth? How slow is a slow release? How can I wire my 32:8:2 analogue desk to a 16-track recorder? How can I compensate for a lack of phase-reversal and EQ bypass controls on my mixer? Why do some bass notes have more 'punch' than others? Is there a problem with inputs on the Roland VS2480? Should I buy a DI box or a channel strip? Should EQ or compression be applied first? What is the advantage of recording with a higher resolution, as opposed to a higher sampling rate? Can I run V-Producer via OMS?

    Sound Advice Apr 2003
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    Q & A March 2003

    Sound Advice

    How can I create the fat bass sound I hear on commercial productions? What are the differences between S/PDIF and AES-EBU? Are there any problems powering UK electrical equipment with Vancouver voltages? Can you recommend some omni mics for chamber recording? How can I build a suitable enclosure to reduce the noise of my computer? Is it possible to create a fake stereo track from a mono source? How can I make my MIDI controller's knobs work? How can I mix a track on a multitimbral synth?

    Sound Advice Mar 2003
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    Q & A December 2012

    Your Technical Questions Answered

    Can you advise on the powering and positioning of Behringer's Truth monitors? How can I control proximity effect? Why do speaker stands have spikes? Will Steinberg's Virtual Guitarist run on my PC? Will replacing my carpet with laminate affect the acoustics? Can you recommend a second-hand sampler with a floppy drive? How can I get broadcast masters to sound louder?

    Sound Advice Dec 2002
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    Q&A September 2002

    Your Technical Questions Answered

    How can I use my external effects units with my Akai DPS16 hard disk recorder? How can I convert my mono recordings into stereo? Are there any cheap multi-band compression plug-ins? How can I reverse the effects of performing Windows XP tweaks?

    Sound Advice Sep 2002
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    Q&A August 2002

    Your Technical Questions Answered

    Is it safe to switch all my gear off using one power switch? How can I get a vocal sound that's dry, but fits in the mix? How can I measure my soundcard's background noise level? Can I connect my keyboard's output to a mic input on my desk? How can I calculate the frequency of individual pitches? Will silica gel have a limited lifespan in my mic box? 

    Sound Advice Aug 2002
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    Q&A July 2002

    Your Technical Questions Answered

    How can I produce aggressive female vocals? Mac Or Windows? How do I eliminate flanging MIDI notes? Can I use Virtual Guitarist with Logic on a Mac? Should I record at a 24-bit resolution?

    Sound Advice Jul 2002
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    Q. How can I get my CD master to sound as loud as commercial CDS?

    I have recorded an album of my own work and I am hoping to make an impression with it. My problem is that the album is...

    Sound Advice Sep 2000
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    Q. How should I go about using two 16-channel mixers together?

    I need to upgrade my 16‑channel Mackie 1604VLZ mixer to 32 channels, but there is a cash problem. The price...

    Sound Advice Sep 2000
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    Q. What's the best choice for 'live' backing vocals?

    For my next project, a theatre musical, I am currently writing MIDI backing tracks in Cubase, which will then be...

    Sound Advice Mar 2000
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    Enhanced CD Format: Part 2

    How Best To Use It

    Janet Harniman-Cook concludes her two-part feature with a guide to creating your own Enhanced CD.

    Sound Advice Aug 1999
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    20 Tips On Using Effects In The Mix

    Processing Guidelines

    The way you use effects and processors can make or break a mix. Paul White offers 20 useful tips to help you get it right first time.

    Sound Advice Jul 1999


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