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    Brian 'BT' Transeau

    Emotional Impact

    BT revitalised the sound of boy band N'Sync, composed some of the most radical soundtracks to appear in mainstream films, and has a good claim to have invented trance. And he still finds time to talk to SOS...

    People Dec 2001
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    David Axelrod


    For a man who likes to work quickly in the studio, David Axelrod's new album has taken an awfully long time to make — 33 years, to be precise. Meanwhile, his groundbreaking '60s and '70s productions have become a crucial resource for the biggest names in hip-hop.

    People Aug 2001
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    Paul Farrer

    Composing For Film & TV

    Paul Farrer's name has been a fixture in SOS for several years, but these days he's best-known as the theme tune composer for top BBC TV quiz show The Weakest Link. Paul White asks the questions...

    People Aug 2001
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    Advanced Gating Techniques: Part 2

    Practical Tips & Tricks

    Gates are far more than just problem-solvers for reducing spill and noise. They can be used to add punch to drum sounds, put rhythmic interest into sustained parts or even as mixing automation.

    Techniques Apr 2001
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    Advanced Gating Techniques: Part 1

    Tips & Tricks

    Paul White reveals that there's much more to gating than you might think.

    Techniques Mar 2001
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