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Mixing / Production

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    Damien Egan

    Programmer & Sound Designer

    To be successful in the music business today, you need to be flexible and multi-skilled — but not many people take these qualities as far as Damien Egan...

    People Jul 2002
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    Groove Control Masterclass

    Making Music With Groove Control Sample Libraries

    Groove Control loop libraries allow you much more flexibility than traditional sample CD-ROMs, if you know how to get the most out of them.

    Techniques Jul 2002
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    Herbie Hancock

    Creating Future2Future & Touring In Surround

    One of the most influential jazz keyboardists ever, Herbie Hancock is renowned for his innovative use of electronics and new production techniques.

    People Jul 2002
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    Q&A July 2002

    Your Technical Questions Answered

    How can I produce aggressive female vocals? Mac Or Windows? How do I eliminate flanging MIDI notes? Can I use Virtual Guitarist with Logic on a Mac? Should I record at a 24-bit resolution?

    Sound Advice Jul 2002
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    Recording Sigur Ros

    Ken Thomas & Jonsi Birgisson

    Over the years, Iceland has produced more than its fair share of innovative, experimental pop music. The country's latest hot exports, Sigur Ros, are currently recording an album in a disused swimming pool...

    People Jul 2002
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