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Mixing / Production

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    Music & Sound Design For Video Games

    Electronic Arts

    Film tie-in Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets will be one of the most sophisticated video games ever created, and the soundtrack alone has taken the designers from Surrey to Seattle — by way of a school toilet...

    Techniques Dec 2002
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    Q & A December 2012

    Your Technical Questions Answered

    Can you advise on the powering and positioning of Behringer's Truth monitors? How can I control proximity effect? Why do speaker stands have spikes? Will Steinberg's Virtual Guitarist run on my PC? Will replacing my carpet with laminate affect the acoustics? Can you recommend a second-hand sampler with a floppy drive? How can I get broadcast masters to sound louder?

    Sound Advice Dec 2002
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    Soft Cell: Dave Ball & Ingo Vauk

    Recording Cruelty Without Beauty

    Pioneering electro-pop duo Soft Cell are back with a new album, seeking to combine the best of old and new production techniques.

    People Dec 2002
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