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Mixing / Production

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    Surround Sound Explained: Part 6

    Setting Up A Surround Recording System

    Our series turns to the practicalities of setting up your own surround-capable recording system, and we talk to two radically different surround studios to see how they've coped — one at project- and one at pro-studio level.

    Techniques Jan 2002
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    Jon Astley

    The Master's Voice

    Among his many credits as an engineer, producer, programmer and artist, Jon Astley is perhaps best known for his award-winning work remastering classic albums from the likes of The Who, Abba and George Harrison.

    People Jan 2002
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    Super Furry Animals

    Cian Ciárán: Recording & Mixing In 5.1

    Super Furry Animals' recent album Rings Around The World is one of the first to be released in a custom-mixed 5.1 surround version for DVD as well as on stereo CD. Keyboard player Cian Ciárán explains how and why they embarked on this groundbreaking project.

    People Jan 2002


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