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    Ultimate Ears Pro launch hi-res in-ear monitors

    UE Pro partner with Capitol Studios to create hi-res capable monitors

    Ultimate Ears Pro (UE Pro) continue their 20+ year legacy of innovation with their latest custom in-ear monitor, the...

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    On-stage Monitoring

    Sound On Stage

    Learn how to choose and use on-stage speaker or headphone monitoring systems. After all, if you can't hear what you're doing, then your live performances are going to suffer.

    Techniques Mar 2004
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    Mixing On Headphones

    What To Use & How To Do It

    It's often necessary to work on headphones in the home studio, even when mixing. So what headphones should you choose, and how do you go about getting the best results?

    Techniques Dec 2003
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    Cue Monitoring Techniques

    Tips & Tricks

    One of the secrets of overdubbing is setting up good cue monitoring for the performer. There are, however, a number of different approaches and it is important to choose the most appropriate for the task at hand.

    Techniques Jan 2003


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