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    Mixing On Headphones

    A Professional Perspective

    Headphone mixing is becoming a core skill for everyone. We asked some of the biggest names in engineering how they get the best results.

    Techniques Jul 2020
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    Studio Headphones video poster frame

    STUDIO HEADPHONES: Everything You Wanted To Know...

    Top 7 Headphones Features You Must Consider When Buying

    Everyone is listening to music on headphones these days

    Sound Advice Jul 2020
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    Martin Siedl CEO of Austrian Audio

    Austrian Audio - Martin Seidl | Podcast

    Talking Tech

    Martin Seidl, Founder and CEO of Microphone & Headphone manufacturer Austrian Audio, chats about current products and future technological developments, plus why their core range of products will remain analogue at heart.

    Music Business Jun 2020
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    Phones & Ohms

    The Hidden Perils Of Headphone Impedance

    The frequency response of your headphones probably isn't neutral, but at least it's always the same. Or is it?

    Techniques Oct 2019
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    Designing & Measuring Reference Headphones

    Heads Up

    Headphones are central to music-making and music listening. But can we trust what they’re telling us? We ask the experts...

    Techniques Oct 2018
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    Q. Why does reverb sound different on headphones?

    Why is it that reverb is so much more audible on good headphones than good speakers? Is it to do with the ambient noise or reflections in the room?

    Sound Advice Aug 2017
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    Q. Can I feed an IEM transmitter from a headphone output?

    Can I use the headphone output (Output 9-10) on an RME Fireface 800 audio interface to feed a click track to an IEM (In-ear Monitor) transmitter for a drummer?

    Sound Advice Dec 2016
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    Q. Should I replace my broken speakers or get better headphones?

    Bearing in mind my room is untreated and I do the bulk of my mixing on headphones.

    Sound Advice Apr 2016
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    Q. What’s wrong with playing while wearing headphones?

    Musician Chris Thile is quoted as saying he'd decided never to record wearing headphones again. I don’t get this. What’s wrong with headphones?

    Sound Advice Mar 2016
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    Q. Do I need a better headphone amp?

    When does one need a headphone amp? I have some Shure 1840s, which are great, but I’ve read about headphone amps and want to be sure I am getting the most from the cans.

    Sound Advice Dec 2015
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    Q. Is it safe to leave a dummy jack plugged into my headphone socket?

    I have a Casio PX310 digital piano. When jacks are inserted into the (quarter-inch) line out sockets, the onboard speakers are not muted. They are muted when headphones (or a jack) are inserted...

    Sound Advice Dec 2015
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    Q. Is it normal to get crosstalk appearing on headphones?

    My two sons have been reading on forums about how crosstalk appears in headphones that share a ground connection in a single cable...

    Sound Advice Jul 2013
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    Q. How can I make using headphones less fatiguing?

    I have been making music for years now, and although I have a set of Genelec 8040s that I use during the day (when I'm home),...

    Sound Advice Mar 2012
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    Q. Is it worth spending money on new headphone cables?

    Everyone keeps going on about how great the Cardas cables make headphones sound. Is there any truth about cables ever making...

    Sound Advice Nov 2011
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    Q. Why doesn't live music sound good through my earplugs?

    I wear custom-made earplugs when I go to live gigs, to protect my hearing. These have physical (and therefore passive) filters, but I find that their frequency response is less than ideal...

    Sound Advice Aug 2007
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    Q. Should I buy a Headphone Amp?

    I recently purchased some Sennheiser HD600 headphones and have been told that I'll need a good headphone amplifier to make...

    Sound Advice Aug 2007
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    Q. Why can't I do all my mixing on headphones?

    Every article I have read on the subject of mixing states that you want to have an 'uncoloured' room sound. So wouldn't it be better to mix using headphones, which will have no issues with room acoustics at all?

    Sound Advice Feb 2006
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    Q. What kind of headphones are right for me?

    I'm considering the purchase of two sets of headphones: the AKG K240DF (flat response) for mixing, and the K271 (coloured response) for musicians to wear when monitoring their own signal, giving them the best sound for inspiration and encouragement. Would these models be suitable for these applications?

    Sound Advice Apr 2004
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    On-stage Monitoring

    Sound On Stage

    Learn how to choose and use on-stage speaker or headphone monitoring systems. After all, if you can't hear what you're doing, then your live performances are going to suffer.

    Techniques Mar 2004
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    Q. Why does my track seem slower when I listen on headphones?

    I produce electronic dance music. Much of the time I work with headphones on, to help me focus on detailed sounds in repetitive loops. However, I often notice that when I switch to listening on speakers (to check the actual mix and so on) the track seems a bit faster. What could be the cause?

    Sound Advice Feb 2004
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    Mixing On Headphones

    What To Use & How To Do It

    It's often necessary to work on headphones in the home studio, even when mixing. So what headphones should you choose, and how do you go about getting the best results?

    Techniques Dec 2003


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