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In-ear Monitors

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    Audio-Technica ATW-3255 Wireless In-Ear Monitors

    Audio-Technica 3000 Series in-ear monitors

    New IEM system features network control

    Based on the technology behind their 3000 Series wireless microphones, Audio-Technica's new in-ear monitors aim to deliver professional quality performance at an affordable price. 

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    Sennheiser XS Wireless IEM in-ear monitors

    Sennheiser XS Wireless IEMs launched

    Lower-cost in-ear monitoring system

    Sennheiser's latest in-ear monitoring system promises a big leap in performance quality for up-and-coming bands and singer-songwriters.

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    Campfire Audio Satsuma

    Affordable IEMs from Campfire Audio

    BA & dynamic designs revealed

    Premium in-ear monitor makers reveal their most affordable earphones yet.

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    Audix A10

    Two new earphones from Audix

    A10 & A10X feature dynamic point-source drivers

    Audix buck the trend for using multiple drivers with new point-source in-ear dynamic design.

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    64audio Nio

    64audio Nio in-ear monitors announced

    Hybrid IEMs combine BAs with dynamic driver

    New IEM design combines multiple balanced armatures with a traditional dynamic driver.

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    An Introduction To In-ear Monitoring

    The Sound In Your Head

    In-ear monitoring is becoming a practical option for musicians and engineers at all levels. Is it time you made the switch?

    Techniques Feb 2013
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