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Monitor Controller

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    Drawmer MC2.1

    Monitor Controller

    Very few monitor controllers deliver all the functions our Technical Editor deems essential. This one does — and at an attractive price, too.

    Reviews Apr 2014
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    Audient ID22

    Audio Interface & Monitor Controller

    Audient have brought their respected ASP-series preamps to the masses in the form of a new USB audio interface.

    Reviews Jan 2014
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    High-end Monitor Controllers


    Thinking of investing in a premium monitor controller? Here’s a selection of models to consider, with links to the SOS review where available.

    Reviews Jul 2013
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    Dangerous Music Source.

    Dangerous Music Source

    Portable Monitor Controller

    Meet the monitor controller for the DJ, musician or engineer on the move!

    Reviews Jun 2013
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    Kush Audio Gain Train

    Monitor Control System

    A good monitor controller is invaluable — but ‘good’ doesn’t have to mean complicated...

    Reviews Dec 2012
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    Crookwood M1

    Mastering Console

    Designed to meet very specialised needs, mastering consoles can be scarily expensive. Crookwood’s modular system offers faultless sound quality at a surprisingly affordable price.

    Reviews Dec 2012
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    Grace Design M903

    Headphone Amp & D-A Converter

    With the M902 already lauded as one of the best high-end headphone amps, what could Grace do to make it better?

    Reviews Oct 2012
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    MyMix Audio MyMix

    Networked Monitoring System

    Personal monitor mixes can be tricky to set up, particularly in large sessions. Can this modular system take the pain away?

    Reviews May 2012
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    Coleman Audio QS8

    Master Monitor Controller

    Monitor controllers aren’t just glorified volume knobs, as this latest offering from Coleman shows...

    Reviews Jan 2012
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    Q. Is there a monitor controller that won’t colour the sound?

    I recently spent €4000 on professionally designed and installed acoustic design and treatment. I then spent a further €4000 on...

    Sound Advice Dec 2011
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    Neco Soundlab Portable V2

    Dual Mono Headphone Amplifier

    Hugh Robjohns gets to grips with this reasonably-priced headphone amp.

    Reviews Aug 2011
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    DACS HeadMaster

    Headphone Amp & Monitor Controller

    The jobs done by DACS latest high-quality problem solver are essential, if not glamorous. Could the HeadMaster take charge of your studio?

    Reviews Nov 2009
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    Dangerous Music D-Box

    Summing & Monitoring System

    This neat new hybrid product appears to be defining its own market niche, but can it really be all things to all people?

    Reviews Mar 2009
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    KRK Ergo

    Room Correction System

    This hardware-based room correction system includes an audio interface and monitor controller. Is it the answer to your acoustics nightmares, or just too good to be true?

    Reviews Mar 2009
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    Presonus Monitor Station

    Monitor Controller

    No matter how 'in the box' you go, you still need easy, transparent control over your monitoring setup, and this little box claims to do it all for a good price.

    Reviews Nov 2008
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    DACS Eightch

    8-channel Volume Controller

    Simple, functional and attractively priced. What more do you need from a monitor controller?

    Reviews Sep 2007
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    Crookwood C2

    Monitor Controller

    This new monitor controller compares well with the competition — in terms of both price and quality.

    Reviews Aug 2007
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    Coleman SR5.1 MkII

    Surround Sound Monitor Controller

    If you're in the market for a good-quality, no-frills surround monitor controller, this may be just what you're looking for.

    Reviews Apr 2007
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    Audient Centro Master Section

    Stereo Monitor Controller

    As more people leave behind their mixing desks, many find they still need a good monitor controller.

    Reviews Feb 2007
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    Dangerous Music Monitor ST/SR

    Expandable Monitoring Controller

    This modular monitor controller system offers an easy upgrade path from stereo to surround capability, and transparent audio quality to boot.

    Reviews Jan 2007
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    SM Pro M-Patch 2

    Passive Monitor Controller

    Monitor controllers can offer a handy solution to monitor level control in the mixer-less studio. SM Pro Audio's M-Patch 2 offers a whole lot more...

    Reviews Dec 2006


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