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    Benchmark HPA4

    Headphone & Line Amplifier

    If you’ve spent money on serious headphones for critical listening, could it be worth investing just as heavily in your headphone amp?

    Reviews . Aug 2022
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    Trinnov D-MON & La Remote

    Monitor Controller With Listening-system Correction

    Trinnov’s pioneering range of room‑correction systems now has a dedicated monitor controller.

    Reviews Oct 2021
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    Grace Design m900

    Headphone Amp & D-A Converter

    We check out Grace’s compact, mastering‑quality solution for monitoring on the move.

    Reviews Feb 2021
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    Grace Design m908

    Multi-channel Monitor Controller

    Immersive audio is increasingly important, and requires large multi-channel monitoring systems. Grace Design's m908 is intended to provide complete control over such a system.

    Reviews Jun 2020
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    Audient Nero

    Monitor Controller

    A console manufacturer should know a thing or two about how to make a good monitor controller...

    Reviews Oct 2019
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    SPL Crimson

    USB Audio Interface & Monitor Controller

    SPL's Crimson combines a high‑quality interface and monitor controller into one conveniently sized box.

    Reviews May 2014
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    KRK Ergo

    Room Correction System

    This hardware-based room correction system includes an audio interface and monitor controller. Is it the answer to your acoustics nightmares, or just too good to be true?

    Reviews Mar 2009
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    ART Head Amp

    Headphone Amplifier

    The ART Head Amp provides simple headphone monitoring for several performers. It's built into a small folded-steel...

    Reviews Jun 2005
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