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    Golden Gear: Yamaha NS-1000 Monitors

    Passive Speakers

    Almost half a century after its initial release, Yamaha’s classic three‑way monitor remains an impressive speaker, and it pioneered the use of diaphragm materials that are still considered cutting‑edge today.

    Reviews Jul 2021
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    Q. Should I avoid placing my tweeters half-way between the floor and ceiling?

    I have heard somewhere that you should avoid having your tweeters centred vertically in the room — is there some truth in it?

    Sound Advice Jan 2017
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    Yamaha HPH-MT7

    Closed-back Headphones

    In their latest headphone design, Yamaha have sought to capture the essence of their classic NS10 monitors. Have they achieved it?

    Reviews Oct 2016
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    Yamaha HS7 & HS8S

    Active Monitors & Subwoofer

    Yamaha's latest monitors may look like the classic NS10s, but looks can be deceiving...

    Reviews Dec 2013
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    The Yamaha NS10 Story

    How A Hi-fi Speaker Conquered The Studio World

    Love or hate the Yamaha NS10, this unassuming little speaker has found a place in the studios of many of the world's top producers. We trace its history, and investigate why a monitor whose sound has been described as "horrible" became an industry standard.

    Reviews Sep 2008
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    Yamaha MSP7

    Active Studio Monitors

    If you want a modern take on the classic NS10, this Yamaha monitor might be just what you're looking for.

    Reviews May 2007
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    Yamaha HS80M

    Active Monitors

    These new monitors from Yamaha add some low-end welly to the sound of the legendary NS10.

    Reviews Jun 2006
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    Yamaha MSP10 Studio

    Powered Monitors

    Yamaha's newest powered monitors deliver a solid and detailed performance, even at high playback levels.

    Reviews May 2003
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    Monitor Placement

    Optimising Your Monitor Setup

    If your monitoring isn't up to scratch, your whole production will suffer, so here are some tips on setting up your room so that your mixes always sound their best.

    Techniques Mar 2002
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    Yamaha MSP3

    Powered Monitor Speaker

    Does this affordable powered speaker from Yamaha have what it takes to handle project studio mixing?

    Reviews Mar 2002
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    Yamaha MSP10 & SW10

    Active Monitors & Subwoofers

    The market for good but affordable 'reference' monitor speakers seems almost boundless and Yamaha have recently joined the fray with their active MSP10s and associated subwoofer, the SW10. Hugh Robjohns digs out his test discs again...

    Reviews Apr 2000
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    Yamaha MSP5

    Powered Monitors

    Paul White tests Yamaha's latest super-compact powered monitor.

    Reviews Feb 1999
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