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    AVI Neutron Five

    2.1 Monitor System

    This interesting monitor system uses the natural roll-off of the satellite speakers to provide the crossover with the subwoofer.

    Reviews Dec 2010
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    AVI ADM9

    Active Monitors

    AVI have a reputation for excellent hi-fi speakers, but with this system they hae turned out a real studio gem.

    Reviews Feb 2008
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    AVI Pro Nine Plus

    Passive Monitors

    These high-spec passive monitors use well-established engineering principles to achieve a smooth and revealing sound.

    Reviews Sep 2005
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    AVI Pro Nine Monitors

    A new high-specification VIFA speaker cone makes its debut in AVI's latest compact monitors. Paul White puts them to the test.

    Reviews Jun 2001
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    AVI Bigga-Tron

    Red Spot Monitors

    Paul White tests AVI's updated 'Red Spot' version of their Bigga-Tron monitors and finds out if this offers a worthwhile improvement.

    Reviews Jan 2001
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    AVI Gravitron Monitors

    As the car ad says, "size matters!" and AVI have proved the point with their biggest loudspeakers yet, the Gravitrons. AVI say they're built 'without compromise' and 'regardless of cost'. Hugh Robjohns will see about that...

    Reviews Oct 1999
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    AVI Biggatron


    Paul White is all ears as he puts AVI's latest two-way monitor loudspeaker to the test.

    Reviews Mar 1999
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    AVI Nuneutron

    Compact Monitors

    Paul White discovers that it is possible for a compact monitor to deliver a sound that is both accurate and tonally well-balanced.

    Reviews Jun 1998
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    AVI Neutron

    Nearfield Monitor Speakers

    Paul White tries out these tiny, British-built monitor speakers — and discovers that small really is beautiful.

    Reviews May 1996
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