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    Campfire Audio Satsuma

    In-ear Monitors

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    PreSonus MicroStation BT

    Monitor Controller

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    Q. How Good A Subwoofer Do I Need For Mixing?

    I want to get a subwoofer for mixing in my home studio, but I've no idea how much I need to spend to make it worthwhile...

    Sound Advice Jul 2020
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    Dynaudio Core 47 & Core Sub

    Active Monitors

    Dynaudio's premium Core series grows apace with the launch of a new three-way model and a powerful subwoofer.

    Reviews Jun 2020
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    Dynaudio Core 7

    Nearfield Active Monitors

    They may look old-school, but Dynaudio's newest nearfields are packed with cutting-edge technology.

    Reviews Dec 2019
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    Dynaudio Core 59

    Three-way Active Monitors

    Taking advantage of the very latest design and manufacturing techniques, Dynaudio's new three-way monitors offer an uncompromisingly accurate window into your mixes.

    Reviews Oct 2019
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    Dynaudio Core Series - NAMM 2019

    Dynaudio have introduced their latest range, the 2-way and 3-way Core Series of professional reference...

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    Dynaudio Pro demo compact four-way systems at AES

    Full-bandwidth, mastering-grade monitoring solution demonstrated

    Dynaudio have paired their flagship three-way LYD-series speakers, the LYD 48, with their 18S for a...

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    Dynaudio Lyd 48

    Three-way Active Monitors

    Dynaudio’s Lyd series of nearfield monitors has been a great success — and now the range has a new three-way flagship model.

    Reviews Dec 2017
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    AES 2017: Dynaudio 9S & 18S subs (Video)

    New subwoofers added to LYD range

    We reviewed Dynaudio's range of LYD nearfield studio monitors back in the...

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    Q. How do I ensure my subwoofer and satellite speakers are phase-aligned?

    In a previous article you mentioned the importance of correct phase between satellites and subwoofer. Can you tell me what’s going on when you cannot hear any difference between 0 and 180 degrees?

    Sound Advice Oct 2017
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    Dynaudio launch three-way LYD 48 monitor

    We find out about the Danish company's new mid/near-field monitor

    Dynaudio Pro have announced the latest addition to their acclaimed LYD studio monitor range. The new LYD 48...

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    Dynaudio Lyd 5 & 8

    Active Nearfield Monitors

    Dynaudio’s rich pedigree in speaker design makes itself heard in these stylish new designs!

    Reviews Nov 2016
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    Dynaudio PRO introduce M5P Evidence mastering monitor

    High-End Mastering Speakers launched at AES show

    Dynaudio’s have revealed a brand new and very high-end, built-to-order far-field monitoring system for...

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    Dynaudio BM Compact MkIII & BM9S II

    Active Monitors & Subwoofer

    We check out this compact yet powerful 2.1 speaker system from Danish makers Dynaudio.

    Reviews Feb 2015
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    Dynaudio DBM50

    Active Monitors

    Many people place their monitors on a desktop, but they’re not usually designed to be used in this way — until now...

    Reviews Oct 2012
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    Dynaudio BM5A MkII

    Active Nearfield Monitors

    The original BM5A monitor speakers proved very popular in project studios, and Dynaudio claim to have made significant improvements in their successors.

    Reviews May 2011
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    Q. Where should I place my monitors in a small room?

    I recently built my own home studio by converting an old garage into a well‑isolated music room of 410 x 215 x 275cm...

    Sound Advice Mar 2011
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    Dynaudio BM5A

    Active Monitors

    Dynaudio have concentrated on high-quality internal and external engineering to create a communicative new ported monitor which isn't afraid to go loud.

    Reviews Jun 2005
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    Dynaudio Acoustics Air Series

    Integrated Digital Loudspeaker System

    Dynaudio Acoustics use cutting-edge digital signal processing, developed with TC Electronic, to increase the fidelity of their existing driver technology.

    Reviews Sep 2002
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    Dynaudio BM15A

    Powered Monitors

    Paul White listens to Dynaudio's latest powered nearfield monitors and counts the days until he has to give them back.

    Reviews May 1998
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    Dynaudio BM6A

    Active Nearfield Monitors

    Paul White puts Dynaudio's new nearfield monitors to the test and is actively impressed.

    Reviews Mar 1997


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