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    Q. What's the difference between active and passive monitors?

    What do the specifications 'active' and 'passive' denote for monitors? Does 'powered' mean the same as 'active'?

    Sound Advice Dec 2003
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    HHB Circle 3 Active

    Nearfield Monitors

    Achieving the right balance between quality, size, practicality and price is no easy task, but HHB have hit the nail squarely on the head with their Circle 3 Active monitors. 

    Reviews Dec 1999
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    HHB Circle 3

    Nearfield Monitors

    The Circle 3 nearfield monitors are the latest fruits of the collaboration between HHB and Harbeth. Hugh Robjohns tries them out.

    Reviews Jun 1999
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    HHB Circle 5

    Active Monitors

    HHB and Harbeth have collaborated to produce a high quality active studio monitor at an attractive price. Paul White listens in.

    Reviews Jan 1999
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