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    Quested V2104

    2-way Active Reference Monitors

    The baby of Quested's established V series provides quality monitoring even for those with limited space.

    Reviews Apr 2020
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    Quested V2108

    Active Two-way Studio Monitors

    The original VS2108 design was a real success for Quested — so when they said they'd improved it, we thought we'd better test that claim...

    Reviews Apr 2011
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    Quested V3110

    Three-way Active Monitors

    Sometimes, a dose of old-fashioned good engineering delivers something well worth listening to...

    Reviews Sep 2010
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    Quested VS2108

    Near/Midfield Active Monitors

    Big or small, Roger Quested's monitor designs always deliver the goods. His VS2108 actives are no exception.

    Reviews Feb 2007
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    Quested S Series

    Active Monitors

    Tried and trusted design principles have been combined with quality components to create this new range of high-spec studio monitors.

    Reviews Feb 2006
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    Quested F11P passive monitors.

    Quested F11P

    Passive Monitor

    Quested have addressed the negative points of our previous F11 review, and incorporated a few small but significant improvements along the way. In the process, they've updated the original F11, and introduced a new passive version, the F11P.

    Reviews Apr 2001
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    Quested F11


    Quested have not only updated the original F11, but also introduced a new passive version, the F11P.

    Reviews Apr 2001
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    Quested VS2205

    Active Nearfield Monitors

    Paul White auditions Quested's new active nearfield monitors and discovers there's no baby booming going on here.

    Reviews Jul 2000
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    Quested F11

    Active Nearfield Monitors

    Although not very common in semi-pro environments, Quested is a well respected name in professional music studios. The conpany's new F11 active nearfield monitors are likely to bridge that gap and introduce the Quested name to a much wider audience. Hugh Robjohns lends them his ears...

    Reviews Nov 1998
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    Quested VS2205

    Active Nearfield Studio Monitor

    Some of the most prestigious names in monitor design are getting into the project studio market. Paul White auditions Quested's new baby powered monitors, affordable enough for the project studio owner and portable enough for the producer on the move.

    Reviews Jul 1997
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