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    Event 2030

    Active Three-way Monitors

    Event eye up the uncrowded market for affordable three-way speakers with their new active 2030s.

    Reviews Apr 2013
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    Event 20/20 BAS

    Active Monitors

    Since Event changed ownership in 2006, their popular 20/20 BAS monitor has been completely redesigned, and relaunched at a very attractive price.

    Reviews Mar 2012
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    Event Opal

    Studio Monitors

    Events new owners make some extravagant claims for these new high-end monitors, whose design is said to put quality first. Do they live up to the hype?

    Reviews Aug 2009
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    Event ALP5

    Active Nearfield Monitors

    Surely you can't get a good bass response from small monitors... or can you?

    Reviews Jan 2007
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    Event ASP8

    Active Studio Monitors

    Event up their game once again with their best-ever design for project-studio monitoring. But have they come far enough to continue to face off the competition?

    Reviews Apr 2004
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    Event TR5 & TR8

    Active Monitors

    Event build on their tried and tested design principles to offer two new sets of affordable active monitors.

    Reviews Dec 2003
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