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    Amphion FlexBase25

    Bass Extension System

    Amphion’s innovative FlexBase system offers true‑stereo sub‑bass in a single speaker cabinet.

    Reviews Nov 2020
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    Amphion unveil the FlexBase25 bass system

    New bass extension and management system designed to be easy to integrate

    Dissatisfied with subwoofers and the problems they create (rather than alleviate) in the studio, the...

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    Amphion Two15

    Passive Monitors

    Active monitors may be the de facto standard in the studio, but this stylish Finnish design makes a powerful case for the alternative!

    Reviews Feb 2017
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    Amphion One15 & One18

    Passive Nearfield Monitors

    Finnish company Amphion may be little-known, but they are certainly no strangers to the principles of good speaker design.

    Reviews May 2015
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