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    Tannoy Reveal 502 & 402

    Active Monitors

    Tannoy Reveals have long been popular with home-studio owners on a budget. Do these latest iterations retain the qualities that made their forebears so successful?

    Reviews Jun 2014
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    Tannoy Reveal 501A

    Active Nearfield Monitors

    Tannoy’s Reveal monitors have long been popular among home‑studio owners on a budget. How does the baby of the new range compare with the competition?

    Reviews Aug 2011
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    Tannoy Reveal 601A

    Studio Nearfield Reference Monitors

    Building to a price inevitably entails compromises. The art is in choosing the right ones...

    Reviews Oct 2010
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    Tannoy Precision 8iDP

    Active DSP Monitors

    The latest iteration of Tannoy's Precision 8 includes an intriguing on-board DSP room-correction system.

    Reviews Apr 2008
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    Tannoy Reveal 8D

    Active Midfield Monitors

    Updating their successful Reveal range, Tannoy have included new high-resolution tweeter technology, sophisticated room-correction EQ, and digital interfacing.

    Reviews Jan 2006
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    Tannoy Precision 6

    Passive Dual-concentric Monitors

    Tannoy's new Precision monitors bring their celebrated dual-concentric driver and Supertweeter technology to the project studio market.

    Reviews Aug 2005
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    Tannoy Ellipse 10 IDP & TS212 IDP

    Digital Loudspeaker System

    Tannoy's latest-generation Ellipse technology has been combined with DSP processing from TC Electronic, creating a versatile and powerful high-resolution monitoring system.

    Reviews Jun 2004
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    Tannoy Ellipse

    Active Nearfield Monitor

    A striking monitor from Tannoy couples a revitalised dual-concentric driver design with a new Supertweeter, providing increased resolution for 24-bit/96kHz playback.

    Reviews Mar 2003
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    Monitors Demystified: Part 2

    Frequency Response Secrets

    What do the manufacturer's frequency response figures tell you about your studio monitors? Less than you might think, as Phil Ward discovers...

    Sound Advice Nov 2000
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    Tannoy Reveal

    Active Studio Monitors

    We check out Tannoy's contender in the low-cost active studio monitor stakes.

    Reviews Jul 1999
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    Tannoy Reveal

    Nearfield Monitors

    Paul White finds out whether Tannoy's new Reveals have anything to hide...

    Reviews Aug 1998
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    Tannoy System 600A

    Active Monitor

    Throughout the years, Tannoy have determindly supported their dual-concentric driver concept in the fierce cut and thrust of the monitor marketplace, and the 600A is their latest mid-priced champion. Hugh Robjohns enters the fray...

    Reviews Apr 1998
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    Tannoy System 600

    Nearfield Studio Monitors

    Tannoy's latest nearfields offer an updated version of their famous dual-concentric technology, while still retaining that distinctive Tannoy sound. Paul White test drives them.

    Reviews Oct 1996
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    Tannoy PBM5 II

    Nearfield Monitors

    Once again, Paul White disrupts his studio listening system, this time to audition Tannoy's diminutive PBM5 IIs.

    Reviews Oct 1995
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