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    Bass Station Monitors & Subwoofer

    Can these unconventional plastic-bodied speakers possibly be suitable for studio work?

    Reviews Dec 2001
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    PMC TB2S & XB1P

    Nearfield Monitors & Subwoofer

    Can a compact system offer true reference monitor performance?

    Reviews Nov 2001
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    EMES Owl System

    Stereo Monitor & Violett HR Nearfield Monitor

    EMES have developed the first studio monitor to use a patented new single-point stereo speaker technology. Hugh Robjohns tests the Owl System and compares it with the conventional Violett HR on which it is based.

    Reviews Oct 2001
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    PMC AML1

    Active Reference Monitors

    Hugh Robjohns tests the AML1, and discovers that PMC can actually get a quart from a pint pot.

    Reviews Sep 2001
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    Leema Acoustics Xen

    Ultra-compact Reference Monitors

    It is a good general rule that miniature monitors are rarely of reference quality, but Leema Acoustics claim to have created an exception.

    Reviews Aug 2001
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    M&K; MPS Speaker System

    Hugh Robjohns tests an innovative full-range speaker system, which somehow manages to get 12 separate drivers working in harmony.

    Reviews Jul 2001
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    AVI Pro Nine Monitors

    A new high-specification VIFA speaker cone makes its debut in AVI's latest compact monitors. Paul White puts them to the test.

    Reviews Jun 2001
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    Behringer B2031

    Truth Active Monitors

    Paul White evaluates a new active monitor designed to deliver professional studio accuracy at a home-studio price.

    Reviews May 2001
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    Quested F11P passive monitors.

    Quested F11P

    Passive Monitor

    Quested have addressed the negative points of our previous F11 review, and incorporated a few small but significant improvements along the way. In the process, they've updated the original F11, and introduced a new passive version, the F11P.

    Reviews Apr 2001
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    Quested F11


    Quested have not only updated the original F11, but also introduced a new passive version, the F11P.

    Reviews Apr 2001
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    ATC T16

    Active Monitors

    Paul White tests ATC's T16 monitors, which combine space-age looks, solid engineering and a detailed, accurate sound at a surprisingly attractive price.

    Reviews Apr 2001
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    Excel 101A

    Compact Reference Monitor

    Hugh Robjohns tests a new monitor that has already acquired some major users.

    Reviews Mar 2001
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    AVI Bigga-Tron

    Red Spot Monitors

    Paul White tests AVI's updated 'Red Spot' version of their Bigga-Tron monitors and finds out if this offers a worthwhile improvement.

    Reviews Jan 2001
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