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Monitors / Monitoring

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    Campfire Audio Satsuma

    In-ear Monitors

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    PreSonus MicroStation BT

    Monitor Controller

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    Austrian Audio Hi-X65

    Open-backed Headphones

    We put AA’s new open-backed mixing and mastering headphones to the test.

    Reviews Jul 2021
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    Austrian Audio Hi-X65

    Hi-X65 from Austrian Audio

    Open-back headphones for mixing & mastering

    Viennese microphone and headphone makers release their first ever open-backed cans.

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    Austrian Audio Hi-X50

    Closed-back Headphones

    AA’s latest cans employ their successful high‑excursion driver in a new on‑ear design.

    Reviews Dec 2020
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    Austrian Audio Hi-X55

    Closed-back Headphones

    Following on from their outstanding debut microphones, Austrian Audio turn their attention to the headphone market.

    Reviews Apr 2020
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    NAMM 2020 — Austrian Audio - Hi-X55 & Hi-X550

    Closed-back headphones

    Austrian Audio introduce two new closed-back headphone models.

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