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Monitors / Monitoring

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    Austrian Audio Hi-X65


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    64audio Nio

    In-ear Monitors

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    PreSonus MicroStation BT

    Monitor Controller

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    Amphion One15 & One18

    Passive Nearfield Monitors

    Finnish company Amphion may be little-known, but they are certainly no strangers to the principles of good speaker design.

    Reviews May 2015
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    Fohhn XS22

    Active Subwoofer

    With their latest compact subwoofer, Fohhn prove that good things really do come in small packages.

    Reviews May 2015
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    Genelec 8320A & 8330A APM

    Active Monitors & Room Calibration Kit

    The latest monitors in Genelec’s 8 series come in new APM packs, with room analysis and correction tools. We put them to the test.

    Reviews May 2015
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