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Monitors / Monitoring

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    64audio Nio

    In-ear Monitors

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    Monitor Controller

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    Q. What Speakers Do I Need For Surround Mixing?

    I wish to do some surround mixing in my home studio. I already have stereo monitors... Can I just add three more of the same speaker?

    Sound Advice Mar 2021
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    Ex Machina Soundworks Pulsar

    Three-way Active Monitor

    The physics of loudspeakers have hardly changed in a century — but DSP and material science have come a long way, and the Pulsar takes full advantage.

    Reviews . Mar 2021
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    Mackie CR3-X

    Active Monitors

    We put Mackie’s diminutive multimedia speakers to the test.

    Reviews Mar 2021
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    Grace Design m900

    Headphone Amp & D-A Converter

    We check out Grace’s compact, mastering‑quality solution for monitoring on the move.

    Reviews Feb 2021
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    Output Frontier

    Nearfield Active Monitors

    Output’s affordable new speakers were made with the help of one of the most prestigious brands in studio monitoring.

    Reviews . Feb 2021
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    Reproducer Epic 5

    Active Nearfield Monitors

    We put German company Reproducer’s unusual debut nearfield speaker to the test.

    Reviews . Feb 2021
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    Ocean Way HR5

    Active Monitors

    Ocean Way’s newest studio speakers bring the sound of ’70s horn‑loaded mains to the nearfield monitor format.

    Reviews Jan 2021
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    Q. What’s causing distortion in my in-ear monitors?

    My church is using Shure SE‑215CL in‑ear monitoring with PreSonus HP2 personal amplifiers, and the sound is distorted...

    Sound Advice Jan 2021
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    Avantone Planar

    Planar Magnetic Headphones

    If you crave the refined sound of large planar magnetic cans but are put off by the price, Avantone’s newest headphones could well be the answer.

    Reviews Jan 2021
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