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    Campfire Audio Satsuma

    In-ear Monitors

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    PreSonus MicroStation BT

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    Q. Do I need a better headphone amp?

    When does one need a headphone amp? I have some Shure 1840s, which are great, but I’ve read about headphone amps and want to be sure I am getting the most from the cans.

    Sound Advice Dec 2015
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    Q. Is it safe to leave a dummy jack plugged into my headphone socket?

    I have a Casio PX310 digital piano. When jacks are inserted into the (quarter-inch) line out sockets, the onboard speakers are not muted. They are muted when headphones (or a jack) are inserted...

    Sound Advice Dec 2015
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    Prodipe 3000BR Headphones

    Prodipe are best known for their affordable microphones and studio monitors, but they also offer headphones.

    Reviews Nov 2015
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    Audeze LCD-X & EL8

    Planar Magnetic Headphones

    For these premium headphones, Audeze have revived an old but under-used driver technology — and the results are astonishing.

    Reviews Oct 2015
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    Digital Audio Labs Livemix

    Personal Monitor Mixing System

    Can musicians be trusted to mix their own monitors? If the system they’re using is as intuitive as this one, the answer might be ‘yes’.

    Reviews Oct 2015
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    Audio–Technica ATH R70x

    Open–backed Headphones

    A–T’s new flagship headphones are also the company’s first ever open–backed design. We put them to the test.

    Reviews Aug 2015
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    AKG K812

    Open–backed Headphones

    AKG’s new luxury cans represent a big step up in quality from their previous flagship design.

    Reviews Mar 2015
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    Headphones In The Studio


     We take a look at few different models on the market.

    Reviews Feb 2015
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