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    Acustica Audio Sienna

    Headphone Correction & Studio Emulation Plug-ins

    What can the dynamic convolution experts bring to the world of headphone monitoring?

    Reviews Jun 2021
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    Embody Immerse Virtual Studio

    Control Room Simulation Plug-in

    Embody offer a unique way to tailor their room‑simulation system to the individual user.

    Reviews . May 2021
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    Acustica Audio Sienna

    Acustica launch Sienna

    Headphone Correction & Studio Emulation Plug-in Suite

    Headphone correction and studio emulation plug-ins unveiled by Acustica Audio.

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    Blue Cat Audio Re-Head

    Head-response Simulation Plug-in

    Re‑Head aims to offer headphone users a loudspeaker‑like listening experience.

    Reviews Nov 2020
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    dSONIQ Realphones

    Headphone Correction & Virtual Studio Software

    Realphones aims to put all the software tools you need for perfect headphone monitoring in one neat package.

    Reviews Jul 2020
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    NAMM 2020 — Audeze/Embody Reveal+ Plug-in

    Virtual studio headphone mixing

    Audeze have partnered with software developer Embody to release a plug-in that transports the listener to different studios while wearing headphones...

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    HEDD Lineariser plug-in addresses monitor phase

    Free plug-in harnesses host CPU power for phase-aligned audio

    German monitor makers HEDD — founded by industry veteran Klaus Heinz — have unveiled a new plug-in designed...

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