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    64audio Nio

    In-ear Monitors

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    Monitor Controller

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    Figure 1: A diagrammatic representation of Dolby's Dynamic Range Control (DRC) process.

    Surround Sound Explained: Part 5

    Metadata, Upmixing, Downmixing & The Centre Speaker

    There's a lot more to 5.1 surround sound production than stereo with extra channels — new, bewildering terms and concepts abound. This month, we explain Metadata, Upmixing, Downmixing, and look at what that centre speaker actually does...

    Techniques Dec 2001
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    Bass Station Monitors & Subwoofer

    Can these unconventional plastic-bodied speakers possibly be suitable for studio work?

    Reviews Dec 2001
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    Home theatre 5.1 speakers.

    Surround Sound Explained: Part 4

    5.1 Surround

    SOS's guide to the world of surround sound comes right up to date with the first of two looks at the modern 5.1 standard, and its use with DVD Video and DVD Audio discs.

    Techniques Nov 2001
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    PMC TB2S & XB1P

    Nearfield Monitors & Subwoofer

    Can a compact system offer true reference monitor performance?

    Reviews Nov 2001
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    YOU ARE SURROUNDED Surround Sound Explained - Part 3 Published in SOS October 2001 Printer-friendly versionBookmark and Share Technique : Recording / Mixing Though a commercial failure in the 1970s, the Ambisonics surround sound system was technically fla

    Surround Sound Explained: Part 3


    Though a commercial failure in the 1970s, the Ambisonics surround sound system was technically flawless, and survives to...

    Techniques Oct 2001
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    EMES Owl System

    Stereo Monitor & Violett HR Nearfield Monitor

    EMES have developed the first studio monitor to use a patented new single-point stereo speaker technology. Hugh Robjohns tests the Owl System and compares it with the conventional Violett HR on which it is based.

    Reviews Oct 2001
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    PMC AML1

    Active Reference Monitors

    Hugh Robjohns tests the AML1, and discovers that PMC can actually get a quart from a pint pot.

    Reviews Sep 2001
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    Figure 1: A conceptual Dolby Pro Logic/Surround matrix encoder.

    Surround Sound Explained: Part 2

    Dolby Pro Logic

    Hugh Robjohns continues SOS's series on surround sound with a detailed look at Dolby Pro Logic, the widely used surround system originally developed for use in the cinema, and considers how you might adapt your home recording setup to allow mixing in this format.

    Techniques Sep 2001
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    surround header artwork

    Surround Sound Explained: Part 1


    Surround sound in one form or another has been a part of the film industry for many years, but the emergence of affordable digital technology has now pushed it into the domestic mainstream. Hugh Robjohns begins SOS's definitive guide to surround and its implications for the hi-tech musician.

    Techniques Aug 2001
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    Leema Acoustics Xen

    Ultra-compact Reference Monitors

    It is a good general rule that miniature monitors are rarely of reference quality, but Leema Acoustics claim to have created an exception.

    Reviews Aug 2001
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    M&K; MPS Speaker System

    Hugh Robjohns tests an innovative full-range speaker system, which somehow manages to get 12 separate drivers working in harmony.

    Reviews Jul 2001
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    AVI Pro Nine Monitors

    A new high-specification VIFA speaker cone makes its debut in AVI's latest compact monitors. Paul White puts them to the test.

    Reviews Jun 2001
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    Behringer B2031

    Truth Active Monitors

    Paul White evaluates a new active monitor designed to deliver professional studio accuracy at a home-studio price.

    Reviews May 2001
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    Quested F11P passive monitors.

    Quested F11P

    Passive Monitor

    Quested have addressed the negative points of our previous F11 review, and incorporated a few small but significant improvements along the way. In the process, they've updated the original F11, and introduced a new passive version, the F11P.

    Reviews Apr 2001
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    Quested F11


    Quested have not only updated the original F11, but also introduced a new passive version, the F11P.

    Reviews Apr 2001
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    ATC T16

    Active Monitors

    Paul White tests ATC's T16 monitors, which combine space-age looks, solid engineering and a detailed, accurate sound at a surprisingly attractive price.

    Reviews Apr 2001
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    Excel 101A

    Compact Reference Monitor

    Hugh Robjohns tests a new monitor that has already acquired some major users.

    Reviews Mar 2001
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    AVI Bigga-Tron

    Red Spot Monitors

    Paul White tests AVI's updated 'Red Spot' version of their Bigga-Tron monitors and finds out if this offers a worthwhile improvement.

    Reviews Jan 2001
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