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    K+H O 300D & Pro C28

    Active Monitors & Digital Controller

    Despite its small size, this new system leads the field when it comes to nearfield monitoring accuracy.

    Reviews Oct 2004
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    PreSonus Central Station

    Monitor Controller

    This high-quality passive monitor controller can cater for five stereo input sources and three pairs of speakers, with built-in cue monitoring and talkback functions.

    Reviews Oct 2004
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    Wharfedale Pro Diamond 8.1 Pro Active

    Active Monitors

    These new active nearfields from Wharfedale offer a polished sound for studio owners on a budget.

    Reviews Oct 2004
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    Q. What kind of stands are best for mounting monitors?

    Is it best to use table-top stands, floor stands or wall brackets to mount my speakers? I have Mackie HR624s, which are not ported, so does it matter if they're positioned close to the wall? SOS Forum Post

    Sound Advice Oct 2004
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